Sunday, June 29, 2014

Out Of The Mouth Of...


Me: I got a little sad in church today thinking about how all of you will be headed to school next year and I will be home alone.

Tommy:  So what I'm hearing is, you didn't pay attention at mass.


Tommy: Why do we always have to clean the house when people come over?

Me: Because we don't want them to see our messes and dirt.

Tommy: But that's how we live!



Matthew:  Mom, when you die do you want us to bury you or no?

Me: Well, what's your other choice?

Matthew:  Grill you.



On Father's Day talking to Dad:

Billy (1st child): I'm the one who made you a Dad.

Mary( 2nd child): I'm the one who made him able to call himself experienced.

Ann: (4th child): I'm the one who made him able to call himself exhausted.

Friday, June 27, 2014

{Last} Weekend Update

Friday already?  Ahh, the joy of summer where days just flow, one right into the next.

Last weekend was chock-full of special events.  Mary Kate and some of her teammates from track were invited to run in the USA Track and Field meet at Widener University.  She ran the 4 x 800 and the 1500. She ran the 1500 in 6:06  She and her running mates did so well, she'll be participating at the Regional meet in a few weeks! 

I was excited to be able to catch up with one of my childhood friends.  Patty was my neighbor from up the street and we hung out constantly.  When I think of Hillside Ave, she and her siblings quickly come to mind with memories of swinging on her porch swing, swimming in her pool, and late night games of Free For All.  Patty and I live a few states away from each other now, but her brother lives in the same town as I do.  They were having a party and I got invited, so I was able to catch up with them. It was great to see them after so many years.

Because we were in the area for the track meet, we stopped by Bill's parent's house.  There is always lots of fun going on there.  We were able to see grandparents, parents, and cousins!!  As per usual, Gran made cookies and the cousins exhausted all of their energy outside, thanks to their Uncle Joe D. They took a break long enough for me to snap this picture.

My nephew Michael, my sister's son, graduated from high school and there was a party for him.  So we left Bill's parents and drove a few blocks over to see my side of the family.  Have I mentioned that my family totally rocks?  Well, they do.

 So proud of this young man.  He's the complete package....handsome, smart, and SO incredibly nice, plus wise well beyond his years.  Congratulations to you, Michael.

I couldn't help but say a prayer of thanksgiving when I hit the pillow Sunday night.  The security of having been surrounded by these people I have had in my life is one of my greatest blessings.


Friday, June 20, 2014

Scenes From An Anniversary

16 years and counting.....

Dinner at Wawa
Baseball game
Hanging with our oldest. 

No matter where we are, I am always glad you're by my side.

Happy Anniversary, Bill!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Meeting Minutes

Family Summer Meeting-09 June 2014

Meeting called to order at 11:51 a.m. by meeting chair Mom.

Members present:
Chair Mom
Mary Kate

Members not present:
Co-chair Dad

*Motion to use talking stick for meeting.
Vote: 6 in favor
 Resolved: Motion carried

*Motion for summer wish lists to be created by all members
Vote: 6 in favor.
Resolved: Motion carried.

*Motion to create chore chart. Talking stick passed among members with varying negative opinions.
Vote:1 in favor, 5 against.
Resolved: Chair overrides vote and motion carried.

*Motion to coordinate yard sale. Willing participants needed.
Vote:4 in favor, 2 against.
Resolved: Motion carried.

*Talking stick passed among members to state their ideas to fight boredom.
Ideas included puzzles, paint, arts and crafts, hikes, go to pool, read, bowling, free movies, etc.

*Members talked over ideas for types of service to do for others every day.  Some ideas were baking for a neighbor, sending a surprise note to a friend or family member, plant a garden, a kind deed for a sibling.  Some eye rolling occurred here.

*We talked about limitations on screen time.  Mom suggests this to be done only on weekends.
Vote: 1 in favor; 5 against.
Resolved: Motion failed 

*Mom Chair reintroduces the Argue-Meter.

*Member Billy, age 14, wishes to stagger bedtimes, stating that he shouldn't be going to bed at the same time as his 5 year old brother. The talking stick was passed among members once again. Everyone came up with their own bedtime.Member Mary suggests bedtime should coordinate with the person's age. She, being 13, will go to bed at 1 in the afternoon.
Bedtime:unresolved at this time and will reevaluate at next meeting.

*Members reminded to work on their summer wish lists and will present to Chair after lunch.

Meeting adjourned at 12:42 p.m.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Matt, Me, And Mornings This Week

I spent this week soaking in the last few mornings alone with Matthew before:

a.) school lets out for summer

b.) his siblings are home all day


c.) Fall comes and I lose him to full-time school forever!!! 

On Monday we went bowling with Luke, Matt's good buddy and Luke's mom, who is my good buddy.  A win-win.

Tuesday--breakfast at the diner.

Wednesday--Playground with our friends from Moms and Tots.

Thursday--ice cream treat at the hospital cafeteria.
Why the hospital, you ask? Well, there is this beautiful new campus close to our house and I am drawn to it.  I used to work in a hospital and I love the atmosphere.  Maybe someday I'll work in one again.

 For now my job is here taking care of these monkeys for the next 3 months 24/7.

Last day of school-2014 (with our friend Claire)
 I was a little sad putting Matt on the bus the last time.
 But he told me to smile for the picture, so I did.
 After he got on the bus, I went to my happy place.
 And did some window shopping.

 Ok, I actually bought the shoes.  

Well, another year down and it's taken me a bit off guard.  No schedules, no chore charts.  I better get busy.

What are your plans for the summer?

Monday, June 2, 2014

Scenes From A Birthday

On May 22nd, Mary Kate turned 13!

morning doughnuts

I cannot say enough good things about this girl.  She is a dream. She's easy going, sweet, and just downright nice. She's got a long list of credentials, too....pianist, flutist, violinist, silks/marching band, runner, and artist.

One of the traits I love most about her is her desire to experience life.  She always wants to learn new things.  She's willing to go on any adventure we cook up around here. She even enjoys car rides, walks, and going to church...all things the other kids say are b-o-r-i-n-g.

She brings a sense of calm whenever she's in the room, which I really appreciate.
She's my go-to girl if something needs to be displayed, wrapped, or decorated.  She's got an eye for beauty and details.

She's a gem and I can't wait to see what the future holds for her.  Something extra special I think.

Happy Birthday to our sweet Mary Kathleen.  We love you!