Friday, January 25, 2013

Day Two-Powder Room Redo

The wall paper is off.

Tommy says we should leave the blue and just paint fish on the walls.

At least he has some idea for what to do next.  I have none.  I don't know what I want.  I pretty much know the kind of faucet I want, but other than that I'm at a loss.

Here are my dilemmas:

Do I leave the slate floor in there?  This is the foyer floor that continues into the powder room.

If I leave the slate floor, will I be able to replace the vanity without damaging the floor?  I guess people do this all the time.  I may be worried for nothing.

Should I paint the vanity and just buy a new countertop?   

What about that chair rail?  It's odd.  Do we get rid of it?

I asked Bill to go with with me to peruse a few home improvement stores tomorrow. 

He's very excited. 

I'm very sarcastic.


  1. I have no suggestions...but I'm impressed that you got all the wallpaper off without ruining the drywall.

  2. Hi Kathleen! I like the blue! And some border with fish would be neat! I actually had a bathroom like that in my old house. The kids really miss it! It will be perfect, whatever you go with your gut.(And what will be easiest to keep clean!)

  3. If you like the blue, fish are a great idea - hides lots of fingerprints. If not, go lighter with the color. Slate? How much do you want to spend. Same with the vanity, etc. Easy to make it more up to date - chair rail gone! - lots of choices with wallpaper that blend with the colors around the area. Wallpapering is easy and not expensive for a new look! Good luck! I am sure that whatever you do will look great! xo