Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Everyday Happenings

* First I'd like to thank everyone who left wonderful comments on my last post, especially those who left poems!  I had the biggest smile on my face after reading them.

* Bill had a four day weekend last week.  We celebrated his birthday when he got home.  We even lit a fire and spent a cozy night in the living room.  Not at all romantic because he was teaching me how to do a power point, but we were together so that made it great.

Excuse the lack of decor.
* On Sunday, Mary Kate got her personal record at the diocesan championship cross country meet.  She did 2 miles in 15:29!  Way to go, Mare.

And that's not all, tonight she had her first parade performance in the marching band.  She part of the Silks (flags). 

Mary with her BFF, Riley.

That's Mary on the left.

* I walked into my bedroom the other day and found this.

Neither Mary or Ann were nearby.  I found them in the hall bathroom doing their nails  They informed me that their dolls were at the spa right now and they'd be back to get them later.

* Matthew is loving Kindergarten.  He runs to get his backpack when I tell him it's time for the bus.  He still has anxiety over things he's unsure about.  I wonder where he gets that from?  Hmmm....

Matt with his classmate and good buddy, Luke.

* I decided to cut out bread from my diet.  I determined it was making me feel yucky.  It's been hard because I love myself a good sandwich for lunch and it was an adjustment.  But I have found something I love almost as much.

Monster appearance unintentional.

A tomato and feta cheese omelet.  I buy canned tomatoes, usually with jalapenos in it to make it spicy.  Total yum.  I have one almost every day.  My cholesterol is 376, but I feel great!

*That's all I got.  Happy Hump Day!


  1. Glad Bill was home for a few days and your omelet sounds yummy.

  2. A great update and I love the humor! You crack me up!!!!

  3. So much to love here, Kathleen!
    So happy your hubby was home to share that yummy cake with you all.

    And I love love love your fire in your beautiful fireplace...

    Mary Kate looks awesome in her flag uniform! Brings back memories of my own years as a majorette. Best memories of high school. : )

    And the doll spa is THE BEST!!!!

    Have a wonderful Wednesday, friend. Can you believe it is Wednesday already? Those Monday holidays always throw me off. : )

  4. Those dolls! Cracks me up, and no bread or no gluten? I think I could do without the bread, but not without the gluten...

  5. Hi Kathleen! Like Colleen, I love those lined-up dolls. And the kids know what a spa is? This means you have been raising them well. All little and big ladies should know about spas.

    I love those pom-pom things on Mary Kate's boots. Where would one get some of those? The world would be a better place if we all ran around with fancy shoes, don't you think?

    Interesting comment about bread. I am Irish, married to an Italian, so bread is quite popular, but I have been wondering about carbs lately. Keep us informed how it's going, ok?

    So lovely to see a new post. Welcome, welcome back :) Love to see you here!

  6. Great post with wonderful pictures...
    Your omelet looks yummy!! I love anything with feta!