Thursday, November 7, 2013

Mall Trip

Home today with a sick kid-- Matthew.  I was hoping to get him in to see the pediatrician this morning so I could still send him to afternoon kindergarten, figuring she would tell me I was wrong and he's really not sick at all.  But alas, pediatrician only has afternoon hours on Thursdays.  So home we stay.  All day.

Great day for him to sit on the couch and veg while I get a lot of work done around here.  But what do I decide to do instead?  Blog for all you wonderful readers out there.  I know, I'm nice.

I went to the mall yesterday.
I went because Bill and I are going to our 25th high school reunion on Saturday night and I needed something to wear.  We went to neighboring boy/girl high schools and graduated the same year.  We didn't meet until 8 years after high school though.  Anyway, we'll be going together-obviously.

 I don't know what has happened, but I don't like going to the mall anymore.  In my youth, *ahem* I spent all of my free hours there.  Now, I just think I'm better off not going at all.  For one thing, I park far away from the door because I have "parking lot phobia." Also, I am not interested in looking at anything except pajamas because they have the cutest styles out there and to be honest, that's all I really want to be wearing.  Then came the paranoia. I was walking right behind a young guy with a black backpack, so I kept searching for places to hide should he decide to, well, you know.

My feet started hurting before I made it to the second store, which now feels like a 2 mile walk before I get to the other end of the darn mall.  You know I only hit the department stores because I'm intimidated by stores like Express or Charlotte Russe.  I keep thinking when I walk in an alarm will sound and someone will come up to me and say, "Excuse me ma'am.  This store is for young people."  I tell myself, however, that since Christmas is coming I could use the excuse that I'm shopping for someone in the younger generation.

So, I did go into those trendy stores, avoiding all sales people but at the same time desperately wanting their help.  I had it all figured out what I would say if one approached me.

"Hi, yes.  I'm going to my 25th high school reunion on Saturday and I don't know what to wear.  I'm not really sure what I'm looking for exactly, but I do know that I want long sleeves to cover my arms.  Oh, and nothing too tight since I've raided the five Halloween bags in my house over the past week.  Could you also help me find something that makes me stand out, but also makes it look that my outfit just came naturally to me and that I didn't spend countless hours debating on what to wear?  Pants would be better too, because if I wear a skirt I'll want to wear heels and I don't walk well in heels and then I'll just look awkward all night.  And one more layers."

Well, that conversation only took place in my head.  I did manage to find a few cute outfits on mannequins that I liked, but then couldn't find the pieces on the clothes racks, got frustrated and left the store only to head to the next one and start all over again.

What I ended up buying was an overpriced blouse as flimsy as a piece of tissue paper.  I'll wear that along with a pair of black pants and we'll call it a day.

I pulled out our yearbooks last night.  I'm mostly looking forward to seeing my grade school classmates, including three of the Sexy Six.  A date night with Bill is always fun.  The open bar won't hurt.

Future Lovebirds


  1. Oh the have no idea!

    Maybe we could go together sometime...there's safety in numbers. ; )

    Have a great time and take lots of pictures!!!!!! : )

  2. I love the pictures of you & Bill. I think you are brave heading to your class reunion! I agree with Billie Jo...take pictures. Shopping, the mall, ugh!!

  3. Hi Kathleen! That missive to the shop clerk was spot-on. I could have that conversation easily, except I would have to insist on seeing the muu-muu rack. I know you are going to look fabulous, and have a great time.

    Love the photos! I had a perm for so many years and just loved it. Now, I can't even get a stylist to discuss that with me. Probably for the better :)
    Have a wonderful time. Can't wait to hear all about it...and an update on the little one too.
    Happy Friday!

  4. Oh I just love the picture of the two of you in high school. We had the same haircut! I had my 25th reunion last year. Crazy to think it has been that long.
    Hope you had a wonderful time

  5. Ha! Ha! You are so right in so many ways. First off, I really like my pajamas, great clothing. Also, I do not like going to the mall, or any shopping for that matter. Oh, and those younger generation had me laughing how you we able to express my thoughts exactly!

    I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you comment about my nice of you. Thank you! You made my day.

    I can imagine trying to get time to figure out the manual to your camera is difficult with how busy you are. I have a DVD recorder that I have hardly touched because it is so confusing to use. I miss my old type that actually used video tapes.

    :) Hope