Friday, October 17, 2014

Pumpkin Hunting 2014

Monday was Columbus Day so Bill and the kids were off.  It was a perfect day to go to our favorite pumpkin patch.

First thing in the morning I took Billy to get his braces off.



So handsome when he smiles!

From here I will share an over-abundance of pictures from our afternoon.

We have been going to this pumpkin patch for years now.  Bill and I were remembering how challenging it used to be when the children were little; holding a new baby while helping the toddlers maneuver around the pumpkin vines, soothing the crier who was upset he got dirty or upset her brother got the better pumpkin. Times have certainly changed and now they are off and running on their own and we can just sit back, watch, and enjoy.

These moments are fleeting and before we know it one of them may be off at college and not be home on Columbus Day.  That's why I'm so grateful to be able to enjoy these special moments while we have them.  I am thankful everyday I get to do this.


  1. Yup ENJOY ENJOY ENJOY...Great picture of the new smile! Looks like the family had a great time.

  2. Oh, Kathleen! That last picture!!!!
    Yes...I have been thinking the same thing....times change so quickly...
    Let's hold on, right?
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful day!!!!!

  3. The last pic! Yes! Love 'em all, but really love that one. Everytime I see your kids I am like wow, do they look like their mama. Then you take pics of them with their daddy and I'm like, WOW! They really look like their papa. You definitely know which set of parents are theirs! Beautiful children. Beautiful family!

  4. Look at that braces free smile! And what a handsome boy he is.
    Love the last picture. I think you should frame it.

  5. Reminds me of our Linvilla days! Love it!