Friday, April 24, 2015

Easter And A Special Birthday

We are still in the Easter season.  So, that allows me to still be able to report on our happy Easter Sunday happenings, correct?

Love these peeps!!!

Most of my side of the family came to our house to celebrate with us.  I had lots of help preparing some of the food.  I am totally digging the idea of the kids each making their own food item for the meal.  We had lots of fun together. 

Ann made this adorable appetizer.

Tommy made punch.
Matthew made blueberry muffins.
Mary made carrot cake.

Because Billy was feeling a bit under the weather, he got out of making his famous deviled eggs.  I got stuck with that job and almost lost my mind peeling 18 hard cooked eggs.  Holy smokes!  That is an annoying task!  And, I'm pretty sure I tasted some shell in one of my finished eggs.  Sorry, family.

My sister in law Kathy and nephew Jimmy coordinated an egg hunt. The kids had lots of fun...even the teenagers ;)

My awesome sisters in law...Linda and Kathy.

My brother Jim played us some post-dessert tunes.

It was a really great time.

In other news, Bill's grandmother turned 95 years old and we celebrated in style.


Enjoying Shirley Temples and Roy Rodgers at the 19th hole

Bill's parents with 7 of their 8 children

Mom-Mom spoke a few words of wisdom, mostly about the importance of the four F's.

Faith...Family...Friends....and Fun!

I'd like to add a 5th....Food!

Our Matthew was the youngest great-grandchild in attendance that day, so he got the special job of presenting Mom-Mom with her cake.  Too cute!

Happy Birthday, Mom-Mom and thank you for starting this wonderful family I am proud to be a part of.

Thanks also to to Aunt April and Uncle Joe, our hosts!  You guys rock! 


  1. What wonderful celebrations Kathleen!!!!
    Your family is beautiful!!!!!

  2. That gorgeous woman wearing the corsage is NINETY FIVE?!?! Forgive me for SHOUTING, but I just can't get over it. She looks so much younger.

    What a beautiful family!

  3. Hi Kathleen! What a beautiful family and family life you have. It's such fun to see your family dressed in the best for Easter and your Mom-Mom's birthday. Nice job Matthew! There just isn't anything like the gift of family. You have been richly blessed.

  4. Oh my that appetizer is adorable...I am going to have to remember that for next year!
    What a special birthday celebration. I lost my grandparents are so special...

  5. Love that appetizer! Thanks for sharing all these special moments. Your family is so blessed!

  6. Oh goodness! I'm so behind on reading my favorite bloggers. This was so uplifting to read, especially in this day and age. A beautiful post fill with the 5 f's!! :)

    Thank you for sharing your family with us. Wish we lived closer where we could meet face to face and feast on that fabulous food!

    May your week be a good one!

  7. Kathleen, the pictures are wonderful! They reflect the amazing blessings and talents that brought joy during the Easter season. Thanks so much for sharing the pictures! I love Ann's appetizer! xo

  8. Fun indeed as evident in these photos. :)
    Have a fun week ahead. :)

  9. Absolutely, we are still in the Easter season to blog away! :) Peeling hard-boiled eggs is definitely the worst. What's a little calcium, right?! Lovely 95th birthday celebration!!! Loved the Four-Fs wisdom!!! Hugs