Sunday, August 30, 2015

Summer Wrap Up, Part One

This post is about Jenny.

My "little" sister in law who was in a serious car accident on July 7th.  I want to thank you all for your prayers for her.  She has made a miraculous recovery.

We had gotten the call that night around 10pm saying we needed to get to the hospital.  We heard the words, "Medivac" and "head injury."  It felt like something out of a movie to be quite honest.  Even though each day brought marked improvements, we thought Jenny and the family were going to have a long road ahead.  We were told it could take years for the old Jenny to come back, if at all.

Prayer requests went out all over the place.  Two great blessings....Large families and email.  Talk about a prayer chain!  We even have a friend who lit a candle at the Vatican.

You probably already know this, but prayer works.  We were lucky in this case that our prayer was God's plan.  I know it doesn't always work out that way.  But when it does, Hallelujah!

Jenny was back home in a little over a month, released from medical care....even outpatient rehab. Can you even believe it??  God is good.

So thank you, fellow blog readers & prayer warriors.  You are in my prayers as well.


  1. Hi Kathleen! Oh my gosh, what a wonderful way to praise God in His healing power. Bless your sister-in-law, and all your family for your faithful prayers. He heard, along with all your friends!

    It's so good to be reminded of the power of prayer, and how close God is to us. Sometimes I forget...

  2. I got goosebumps reading this post!! So thankful for the power of prayer and the privilege to approach God's throne and ask for miracles such as this. So glad the answer was what we desired!

  3. Jenny was tremendously blessed by the power of prayer and the total commitment of her family to her recovery. She was never left alone while she was in the hospital. By some miracle, all that could have gone wrong - did not. Instead, the best that could go right - did. She has a fiery and determined spirit and, in this case, it propelled her to do whatever she could as soon as she could. While there is still much to be healed, Jenny is doing wonderfully. Thank you to all for the unending prayers and care. We are all deeply grateful.

  4. Wonderful news. Oh the power of prayer.

  5. So happy to hear this news! By the grace of God, she has made it this far. God is good, all the time :)