Monday, September 5, 2016

Avalon Vacation Video 2016

Avalon, New Jersey is my happy place.  (so is Home Goods, but this is my vacation post, so we're not talking about that right now.)

Our family of seven and my brother and nephew celebrated our 5th year vacationing together.  The house we rented for the first four years was sold last year and the new owner decided not to rent. (However, I did spy on the house just to make sure.)

The house we rented this year was around the corner and it worked out just fine for our crew.

This year Bill's brother Mike and his family were there the same week as we were.  Bill's other brother Joe and his two daughter's came down one of the days as well.  We had quite a nice little compound going on at the beach that day, that's for sure.

Here's my little recap of the week.  Enjoy!

Until next time, Avalon....


  1. Great video and song!!! Thanks for another great year!! SWEENEYS' ROCK!!

  2. Agreed. Great times with family in Avalon. Thank you for making the video, Kathleen. Love the blog too.

  3. Loved the video. I also love your new picture at the top of your blog!

  4. Dear Kathleen,

    That was very enjoyable watching your family on vacation. Looks like your picked a lovely home to stay in. What fun it must have been having all that time at the beach. I LOVE the beach; we did not get to do our yearly beach vacation this year, but if things work out as my husband hopes, we may get one near the first of the new year.

    Thank you for sharing this delightful video!

  5. Thanks for sharing the video. It was great to get a glimpse of the day and of your wonderful vacation! XO Ali

  6. Awesome video, surpassed only by the awesome family in it. Great job...Thanks for sharing. Love, Brother Bobby

  7. Ha ha! I love the song you choice! What a great video and so many amazing memories. I think this is just wonderful :)

  8. I miss your family, Kathleen! Looks like you had such a fun vacation :)

  9. Hi Kathleen! What a blessing it is to be so close to your family that you can have a blast together every year! Thank you for sharing your 'happy place'. It sure looks beautiful :)