Monday, October 31, 2016

October Weekend Review

Our October weekends are kind of a blur in my memory.  So here I sit with my calendar beside me and pictures that I snapped to hopefully capture some special moments, for goodness sake!

*The first weekend started off with special guests.  Our nephews, 3 year old twins Eric and Jason, and their big brother, 5 year old Michael came for a visit.  We visited the nearby river for some pebble-throwing, did some pizza-making, and shared our yearly tradition of pumpkin hunting!

*The big guy celebrated a birthday this month and it fell on a weekend.  The two of us went out to dinner and then came back for cake with the kids who were patiently waiting for dessert.

Awesome Dad with his awesome kids. (special thanks to Ann who baked the cake)

*Parade Season in full swing.  Ann's very first parade.  Isn't she cute?

Tommy and Ann
 Some people are at the parades for the goodies, not necessarily to see their siblings perform.

*Soccer Season

This guy.  Boy, is he fun to watch play.  You could even say he's a Hat Trick King.

*Our last parade of the season was yesterday and both our high school and middle school march in it.  My brother, sister in law, and nephew all came to see the kids perform and then came back to our house for dinner.

 They even brought a fun, interactive dessert.  Ghosts in the graveyard.  Make your own tombstone and dig in. Yum! 

 I may or may not have had some for breakfast this morning.
My big brother, Jim.
*We had trick or treating Friday night. (our township does that for some reason). Without boring you with the details, I neglected to get a picture of Matt and Ann dressed in their costumes!!  Maybe I can coerce them into putting them on after school today.
However, the high school kids do dress up for school.  This was our sweet Mary Kate this morning, inspired by Kate Beckinsale from the Pearl Harbor movie.

So, there is some of our happenings this month.  A good one, indeed.

Happy Halloween.


  1. It sounds like a good month! I can't believe how fast it went by! Happy Birthday to your husband.

  2. Wow! You sure know how to celebrate October!
    So much family fun!
    I love the band members in the parade.
    Please tell them to enjoy! I still miss that time of my life.
    Best time of high school!
    I do enjoy keeping up with your beautiful family!
    And Happy Birthday to the man!!!

  3. Great updates! Great Pictures! Happy belated birthday to Bill!!

  4. Wowzer! Lots of activities in your house as well. All fun stuff, starting with the visitors. I bet those little boys had a grand time hanging with such a cool aunt!

    Birthdays and band parades. I LOVE a good band parade!!

    The family get together looked like a great time, and that dessert... how fun! BTW, isn't that a new top you recently tried out? It looks great!

    The nurse costume is a wonderful idea. What a change from the ordinary. Good choice!