Sunday, May 21, 2017

Everyday Happenings

My last Everyday Happenings post was way back in March.  We have 2 months to catch up on!

Let's go!

* We have another teenager in the house.  Let's hear it for Thomas Andrew.

Morning doughnuts
He asked for a cake with no icing. (which makes absolutely NO sense to me)  
Happy Birthday, Bomber.

* I finished another year of teaching 1st Grade CCD.  One exciting day we were asked to be part of a Promposal for my aide, Maggie.  Her boyfriend was so sweet and arranged for the kids to hold up a sign inviting her to the prom.  She said yes.  (Just like the Blessed Mother did...haha)

* I went to breakfast with some good friends from my old Moms and Tots days. It was a great morning.   Love these ladies who always inspire me and support me.

* Before Matthew made his First Communion, he spent a morning on a retreat.  Here are some friends from his school. 

 * Around Easter-time, I found out these are a thing.  I bought them and didn't share. 

 * April had us attending a million concerts for Mary, Tommy, and Ann.

Ok, slight exaggeration...but we did have:

High School Band Concert

High School Orchestra Concert

Middle School Band Concert

Middle School Orchestra Concert (Ann won the Director's Award)

Middle School Jazz Band Concert (Tommy won outstanding 7th grader award)

They were all fantastic and it makes my heart happy to watch them. 

* Billy and Mary finished their track season.  Mary and her relay team even made it to the District Championship.  I'm usually unable to make it to their meets, hence no pictures. 🙁 ( Blogger has emoji's now?  Who knew?)

*We celebrated Easter of course, but I neglected to get pictures.  We attended the Vigil Mass this year (my very first time) and hosted my Dad, brother, nephew, and Uncle on Easter Sunday.  It was a great day.

*Bill's nephew celebrated his First Holy Communion.  We high-tailed it to Alexandria, VA for an overnight trip.  Since, Tommy and Ann were on their band trip to Pittsburgh, we only had Billy, Mary, and Matt with us.  We met up with Bill's brother's family at a hotel, had some breakfast and some pool time together, and off to the mass and celebration.  It was SO much fun.

Congratulations, Joseph!

* Mother's Day was the same weekend and it did not favorite Wawa hoagies and picnic with my family.

* Bill came into Matt's school (and my workplace) to talk at career day.

 *And last, but definitely not least, our oldest turned 17.  Is it just me, or does 17 sound so much older than 16?

 Happy Birthday, Billy! We love you.

And that's a wrap.  If you made it this far, thanks for visiting.

Only 12 more days 'til summer.  And the countdown begins.....


  1. Happy Happenings in your lovely family, Kathleen!
    Congratulations to all!!!
    I love your hair, pretty lady. : )
    Always love my visits here!

  2. You have been busy! Love seeing pictures of your family! We are down to one day of school for Isabella and three for Juliana and Nicolas!!

  3. Happy birthday, Thomas Andrew. Welcome to the crazy and fun ride called teenage life.

    So sweet of those kids to cooperate and the boyfriend for such a promposal. Aw. I don't think anyone could say no to that.

    Good to see everyone's alright.