Tuesday, August 30, 2011

First Day of School

  So emotions were running high this morning. My oldest left for middle school. I walked him to the corner of our street but if he could have had me hide in the bushes he would have because he's "too old to have his mom walk him to the bus stop." I think he was a bit nervous. He didn't finish his breakfast which never happens. He claims it was too early for breakfast and that he was still digesting dinner from last night. Ok, if you say so Billy.

I'll admit I was a bit teary-eyed walking back to the house. I could have easily lost it but I had to compose myself to say hello to a neighbor. Then it was time to get the next 3 ready for their bus. They were all smiles. Of course I was trying not to think about Annie, my baby girl, leaving me for the whole day. I will miss her. I'll miss all of them.

And so will Matthew.


  1. What a poignant picture of Matt!! I'll be anxious to hear how Billy's first day went.

  2. aww.. that picture of Matt .. it's so sweet ! I hope Billy had a great day in Middle School ! How did he grow up so fast !! and Annie.. going all day .. she looks so cute holding on to MaryKate's arm!! I hope all of them had a good day !!!

    Love you !!