Thursday, September 1, 2011

Day 3: Matt and Me

 Now that the kids are back at school and it's just me and Matt at home during the day I may have to re-name this blog "Matthew's Blog".  We're having a good time together. I think he likes the undivided attention he's been getting.

 Check out this crafty project we did today. ( I'm being sarcastic....not crafty really at all and I'm sure most of you have seen this done a million times in parenting magazines )

1.) Cover pine cone with peanut butter

2.) Coat with bird seed

3.) Hang in a tree

  4.) Watch the birds NOT come. Not one bird came by for the rest of the day. How can that be? Granted, I did hurry in the store and grab the smallest and cheapest bag of bird seed I could find. And it did say "for parakeets", but does that matter? Will a robin not eat parakeet food?? I thought my kids were picky eaters! Geesh! So much for being crafty.

PS. I know some of you are questioning my grammar in the first line of my post. Trust me, the misuse of the pronoun "I" is one of my biggest pet peeves. I believe my writing in this case is correct. And I think Sister Loretta Sean from my 7th grade would agree with me.


  1. HOW FUN!!! Have I said I love the new picture of the mysteries and the blog background? Well, I do!! Glad you and Matt are doing well. As for the use of the pronoun, I agree with you. My English teacher used to tell me that the pronoun has to be able to stand wouldn't say, "It is just I at home." You and I can be right...the rest of the world can be wrong! :-)

  2. how cute is Matthew doing his craft ! I think it's funny no birds came , poor kid, did he keep checking outside?!!!
    And, having lived through 7th grade with you, (even if I was with Patty C. a lot ), I love the Sister Loretta reference !!