Friday, July 27, 2012

Everyday Happenings

** Trying to get these kids to read is HARD.  I know it's called Summer Reading Challenge, but I  didn't know the challenge was for ME!  Billy and Mary Kate will pick up and read on their own.  However, Billy tends to read the same books over and over.  Plus, he likes magazines more than books.  Does that count?  I'm trying not to be a stickler for what he's reading.

Mary Kate has been using her Kindle, so that was money well spent.

Tommy, Ann, and Matt fight me tooth and nail about sitting down to read. Matt will only let me read Berenstein Bear books to him and I find that very frustrating because I think those books have a lot of run-on sentences and it's annoying to read them because my mouth gets dry and then I need a drink of water and then I tend to write run on sentences on my blog and that's not good.

As for me, I have renewed the Poisonwood Bible 2 times so far. It was due back at the library 2 weeks ago.  I will have a bit of a fine to pay, but I WILL finish it, gosh darn it!

** We signed Billy up for his first 3 hours of 35 community service hours needed over the next year and a half before he receives his Confirmation.  Volunteers were needed to either sort uniforms or do field upkeep and maintenance.  He wanted to sort (shocker)....he got the hard labor.  That's tomorrow. Hope it's not too hot for ya Dude.

** Cooking with the kids has become one of my favorite things to do this summer.
Matt's bbq chicken
Mary Kate's mac n cheese and baked beans; served with Ann's meatloaf.
Tommy's pizza
Ann's Sausage Scallopini
Ann's quiche and biscuits

Billy preparing a marinade for salmon on the grill.
Matt shucking corn.

I can't say everything has been a hit, but I love the company in the kitchen.  The idea that each kid takes a turn keeps the others away (does that sound mean?) so it is great one on one time and I think they are learning a lot.

** We did some dog sitting this week for our neighbors. Let me introduce you to Pete.

Isn't he adorable?
 ** Billy, Tommy, and Mary are about 6 lessons in with their new piano teacher.  So far she has gotten the thumbs up from all of them.  She even comes to our house, so I give her a thumbs up too.

**Bill and I have a sitter coming tomorrow night so we can head to our friends John and Mary's for another dinner party.  My mouth is already watering.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Pete in your house was a surprise -lucky Pete!

    The cooking was a fabulous idea!What a gift you have given the kids!

    My dad limited TV to one hour a week and then ONLY if we had read a full book. We never missed reading the book each week!

    You are doing a great job! Enjoy the night out! xo

  2. I came across something on Pinterest about getting boys to read. I can email it to you. Good luck!!!


  3. I love the fact that you are cooking with the kids and personally, I think reading a book or a magazine is reading, isn't it. AND...I loved the Berenstain Bears books. We used to read the Gimme Cub book before going to Disneyworld, on vacation, etc.

    I liked meeting Pete.


  4. How fun...I love all the cooking pics with the kids. My little fella loves to dive right in and help me in the kitchen. It's good bonding time with the kids, I think. ;-)

  5. Kathleen, the website I mentioned is It looks like it's basically a catalogue of good books, broken down by age group and genre. Hope it helps!


  6. Your title and your photos caught my eye - I love everyday happenings. I think it is wonderful, you spending time cooking with each of your children. And such yummy looking dishes, too!

    And I know, this was way back in 2012, but I have to say reading magazines does count and rereading a favorite book does too. For instance, how many people have read Jane Austen books time and again. There is a lot of good writing to be learned form them. The love of reading is the goal, isn't it?

    I hope they all, here in 2014, are doing well.

    :) Hope