Tuesday, July 10, 2012

What We've Been Doing

Summer is in full swing now and I must say it's been fun.  I also must say that I've been sleeping in entirely too much, so the day gets off to a late start.  That's okay with the children because that gives them more TV/XBox time.

We joined the pool at our local community center and have been going almost daily.  A year makes a big difference.  Matthew dons his swim vest and is almost self sufficient. I only stand close by so no one uses him as a floatation device. (It already happened once).  The other four are becoming quite the swimmers.

  As I mentioned before, the kids have to take turns making dinner once a week. It has been really fun.  They look through my cookbooks and select their meal.  They make a list and when we get to the grocery store the older ones get to find the ingredients.

Last week Billy made Taco Casserole.
Mary Kate made Chicken Enchiladas:
Tonight Tommy wanted to "make" frozen beef raviolis.  I told him he had to do more than boil water.  I thought the garlic bread from Cooking on Clover Lane would make a great side.  And guess what, it did! 
My family can attest that my Uncle Art is upset there are no veggies on the plate:)

Playing Hair Salon in the backyard with our friend Claire.
Sometimes the kids like to play with their friends across the street leaving Matthew behind.  Here's a shot of him waiting for them to come back and wishing he was a "big kid."
Next week our new neighbors move in.  We are looking forward to it because we hear they have four boys ages 4 to 12.  Sounds like the street will get a lot more fun!  


  1. I love the idea of each child cooking dinner!!!

  2. So clever! does bill get a turn to cook too???? or is his "night" friday pizza night???