Saturday, August 25, 2012

Avalon 2012

Top Ten 13 Ways To Enjoy Your Beach Vacation:

1. Pack everything but the kitchen sink.

2. Bring excited children.

3. Go in on a shore house with your totally awesome brother and nephew.

John and Johnny

 4. Bring paddle ball, belly boards, and shovels.

5. Mini golf.

6.Schedule down time.

7. Go out to dinner.

8. Hit the arcade.

9. Finagle a ride on your Uncle's boat.

Aunt Diane and Mary Kate
Captain Uncle Joe and Aunt Diane

10. Take bike rides and walks.

Billy found this witten on the jetty.

11.  Try to convince your husband that you CAN afford one of these shore houses.

12. Take photos that make you smile.

13. Cross your fingers and hope you get to go again next year.

Avalon Vacation 2012



  1. How fun! Love all your pictures. Looks like you guys had a wonderful time. :-)


  2. I thought of you guys so often last week!! Looks like you had a great time. You know, you really took some GREAT pictures!


  3. You took such great pictures that I feel I have been at the shore myself! Ahhh.... I can smell the salt air and the Coppertone..

  4. Johnny and I just read this blog together - You couldn't have captured the week's events of total fun any better !!! "Best Vacation Ever" !! We Love You Sweeney Family - THANKS !!

  5. What wonderful pictures! We are thrilled that you had such a marvelous week!

    Good luck at school this week. We hope that everyone has a great school year! xo

  6. looks like a great time!! Loved the photos!!

  7. I <3 beach vacations! Every age loves it...including me!