Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Last Weekend

This week we I decided that we would go "unplugged."  No TV.  No Xbox.  No computer.  I am not very popular right now. 

However, I am breaking the rules to showcase some pictures from last weekend.

Saturday was dinner with Families of the Cross.  This is a group of our friends and their children from our parish.  We meet once a month to pray and socialize.   The kids are usually there (all 31 of them!) but this time it was adults only.  So Bill and I summoned the  sitter and off we went to our friend Mary and John's house.

Mary and John
Here are the husbands, John and Mary's son Andy, and two of our totally rockin' parish priests to make sure we kept it all respectable.

The Ladies:
Me and Bill
Jason and Mary
Jeff and Vicky
Mike and Beth
Dave and Matt
Donnalee and Vicky
One couple couldn't make it though.  We missed you Barb and Sammy!
Thanks for a great time John and Mary!

Now on to Sunday...

After mass each week Mary Kate is the one who always wants to take a ride somewhere.  This week we decided to head on up to Bushkill Falls.  (It's the Niagara of Pennsylvania, you know)

Once we pulled into the lot, a torrential downpour happened.  So we waited patiently for it to stop.
After about a half an hour we were good to go.

A view from the top.
A view from the bottom.
Mom is always watching you Billy. (isn't that spooky?)
 Can't bear to leave....get it?  I love a good pun.  Ironically, on our way home a bear crossed in front of us on the road.  It was a little one, but still a bit alarming I might say.  But Bill and I and our cubs all made it safely home with another day of great memories.


  1. YOu guys look like you have a great group of friends! And your kids are sooooooo cute! I'm looking forward to the day when all mine are out of diapers :)

  2. It was a fun night! I never been to Bushkill Falls...MIT have to check that out!

    Where was the camera when the bear crossed the road? :-)