Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Who is Atticus Finch?

Do you know?  I didn't until recently.  He's one of the characters in the book "To Kill A Mockingbird."

I just finished reading it.  Since then, I've heard the name Atticus Finch mentioned twice in a way that seemed to assume everyone knows who he is.

For example, "He's my Atticus Finch."


"It was a real Atticus Finch moment."

Well, I loved the book, loved Atticus Finch, and now am trying to find out how to rent the movie.  (I've heard of Netflix, but have no idea what it's all about.  Is that how I should go about finding an old movie?)

I think I'm a sucker for stories that have a subtle storyline, but follows the everyday life of it's characters, making that the main draw.  It's like this in a few of my favorite movies.... like Steel Magnolias and Driving Miss Daisy.

Weeks ago I started reading "The Hunger Games" on Mary's Kindle.  I'm only 10% done. How do I know?  It tells me so in the lower right hand corner.  I'm a slow reader and this just reminds me of that fact each time I turn tap the page. It's kind of annoying.  That's why I started reading To Kill A Mockingbird, in all it's page-turning, free-and-from-the-library glory.

Can you tell Bill is out of town?  That is when my most non-sensical posts come out.  It's as if my blogger dashboard is the only one who will listen to me.


  1. Oh, but I'm listening too, and when you mention the title that is my favorite (secular) book and absolute FAVORITE MOVIE OF ALL TIME, you have my attention even at nearly midnight! The movie is still so well loved that you should be able to rent it anywhere.. it's on DVD, Blu Ray... I cannot imagine it not being available everywhere. After seeing it sooooo many times, I still need tissues handy at predictable spots. The acting of the children!! O my. Oooops... Sorry to go on and on and on and on an..... (!)

  2. I've never read that book. Can you believe that? Driving Miss Daisy is one of my favorite movies!!!

  3. love To Kill a Mockingbird, great post. I think I am more shcoked that you aren't hooked up with Netflix!

    Hope you are enjoying the Hunger Games, they are fantastic !!

    I'd list my favorite movies, but I have too many. I do love puting on an old classic so the kids know there is such a thing as good movies. We love Arsnic and Old Lace here , anything Cary Grant and my boys love Abbott & Costello !

  4. Left my copy of the movie at my former school. Great movie and story. Did it every year with Grade 8. They would decide who was their hero in the story! Some picked Atticus, but others picked the children or Bo! xo

  5. I love silly Kathi! Remember our good ole book club days walki g to school with Marianne translating? The best days :)