Monday, December 3, 2012

Everyday happenings

*Basketball season is underway.  This year we not only have two players, we have three!  Billy and Tommy, of course, and now ANN!  Yes, Ann.  She has started instructional basketball which is held every Saturday morning at 8am.  At 7:45am I will be saying into the speaker, "Large coffee with cream and sugar please."

On the first day she was Ner-Vous!  Can you tell?

She cheered up long enough for me to get a better shot.

Doesn't she look like she's wearing a pair of spats?
There were tears because her nerves got the better of her, but once inside she found a good friend and the fear was gone.  She did great!

*I need to break up with my hairdresser. She is not happy I'm growing my hair long again. Doesn't she know I'm done looking like Alana de la Garza and now it's time to look like Kate Beckinsale?

(a girl can dream, can't she?) 

*Bill and I went out on a date Saturday night.  I had asked my sitter if we could drive her home since she only has her junior license and can't drive after 11pm. I was thinking we would be returning home really late.  Turns out we are not the party animals I thought we were.  We were exhausted by 9pm and forced ourselves to stay out until 10:30.  Sad, very sad.

*We had an awesome homily at mass on Sunday.  The priest was referencing the beautiful moons we had last week.  He spoke about how the moon doesn't shine itself; it is just a reflection of the sun's light. When the moon is hidden from the sun, that is when it's not shining or not full.  Then came the analogy....I LOVE analogies.  When we hide ourselves from the Son (get it?) we aren't going to shine and be all we can be.  Of course Father said it more eloquently than that, but that's the gist.

*Matthew's preschool teacher says we may want to think about holding him off from starting kindergarten next year because he will be one of the youngest in his class and he's showing signs of immaturity.

This morning he had left over, cold pizza for breakfast.  Seems to me he's already prepared for college.

Have a great day everyone!


  1. Good morning, Kathleen...I love everyday posts!Your daughter is so cute getting ready for basketball! So glad she found a friend...that makes everything better!

    So funny about your date night, because Steve and I are the same! In fact, we are so bad that we rarely even go out anymore. But I am more of a flop on the sofa in my jammies with the t.v. on a Saturday night kind of girl anyway!

    Love the homily from your mass. We have a wonderful priest who always starts his homilys out with a true life story. The kids even enjoy them, and talk about them after.

    And your little eating cold pizza for breakdast? Love! That is my Rhett right there! : )

  2. Andy talked about the homily and how good it was...must have been awesome!

  3. This post seriously had me cracking up out loud!

    When Tommy and I go out on dates we too have all intentions of staying out late and doing something fun but by the end of dinner we are usually looking at each other and saying something like, "I'm tired. Let's just go home." LOL

  4. Thanks for making me smile today :)

  5. I cracked up at the cold pizza and college reference!

    I love your sense of humor, here.

    That does sound like a great homily.

    Good luck to Ann!

  6. have I mentioned how much I love Ann ! well, I love them all :)

    Since I missed our last outing, I love the everyday posts !

  7. Loved reading your post! Brought smiles. My son started basketball too and it makes me so happy! :) Hope you're doing great!

  8. Love it all. It really made me smile!