Sunday, December 16, 2012

Everyday Happenings

First Basketball Game
Mary Kate's Concert
Click on picture; she's in the middle playing violin with white bow in her hair.

Meet Henry

Isn't he cute??

He and his sister Estelle have been spending some time here while their mom recovers from surgery. I'm not the only one getting a baby fix around here.

By the way, Estelle is pretty cute too.

And last but  not least....Christmas Tree Hunting!!!
And the winner is.....

Let's get cuttin'

Oh, the things I make them do for the blog.

The finished product:

How lovely are your branches!


  1. I love it, Kathleen...your tree looks beautiful! And what fun you all had as a family going to get it. Looks like so much fun around your home this Christmas time! Have a wonderful week! : )

  2. beautiful tree and it looks like a lovely day when you went to get it!

  3. I love my blog fix I get from reading your stories! Merry Christmas Babe'

  4. I love that it looks like Mary's violin bow is going to slice off the top of Riley's head,

  5. Wonderful pictures, Kathleen!xo