Thursday, August 15, 2013

Morning Glories

A little five year old blonde boy made his way into my bed early this morning.  I didn't look at the clock but the sun was already shining so I'm guessing it was around 6 a.m.  He threw his arm around my neck and fell back to sleep.  Joy...for more reasons than one.

At 6:30, my alarm officially woke me.  A beautiful twelve year old brunette needed to get to band camp by 7:15.  With her silk in one hand and violin in the other, she smiled all the way there.

By 7:30 I was home again and a handsome thirteen year old boy sat playing his beloved XBox, peaceful and in his glory.

I made my way up to an empty bedroom with my coffee cup and laptop in hand, checking on those wonderful blogs that uplift my spirits and encourage me in faith.

Around 7:45, a sleepy eyed nine year old made his way to the kitchen, decided he wasn't hungry and settled in on the couch, under a blanket, patiently waiting his turn on the XBox.

8am: I lay back in my bed next to the still-sleeping five year old.  Facing me on the pillow I notice the quick, involuntary movements one makes as they slowly start to wake up...the bending finger, the twitch of the mouth, the swallowing of saliva, and the big stretch that finally opens his eyes.  I'm greeted by the story of the bad dream that brought him to my bed in the first place.

8:10.  Last one up, the eight year old sweetheart, already dressed but unable to find her belt. I find it in the place where it's supposed to be, her drawer.

I wonder what other gifts this day has in store for me.


  1. Your teenager gets up at 7:30??? Mine get up between noon and two. It will be a shock getting up for school.


  2. This was so beautifully written...thanks for sharing. There's always beauty to be found in the ordinary, no?!

    Hugs, Kathleen.

  3. Kathleen...this is beautiful. So beautiful. I love the peek into your life with your sweet littles.

    The way your words express the feelings in your heart makes my heart smile!

    And I love the new look around here!

    Have a great summer day, dear friend!

  4. Thanks for a lovely post that will make me smile for many moments. xo

  5. So many joys Babe'....thank you for bringing joy to me as well.

  6. Kathleen, this is lovely. Truly beautiful!! I love that you see it all as gifts.

  7. My own sleeping five year old blesses me each morning as well. There are few things in life I enjoy more than a little one curled up like a heat generator in my bed. I always thank God for the closeness and the peace.

  8. My own five year old climbs in every morning as well. What is it about my bed that is so much better than his own? One day he will stop climbing in and that will be a very sad day. A sleeping child at peace in my bed is a blessing to me. Like you, I know every tiny twitch that indicates he will soon be up. I love watching him and knowing he is safe right next to me.

  9. What a beautiful post, Kathleen! It's a reminder to be grateful for the little things that bring us so much joy.

  10. Great post! Riley missed Mary this week but has a present for her from Disney.

  11. Hi Kathleen! I am coming over from Billie Jo's blog.

    What a beautiful study in the gifts that God gives us right from the start of the day. So inspiring! Our children are such a 'joyful mystery', and you really illustrated that for me.

    Happy to meet you today!