Monday, August 5, 2013

Spas, Science, and Sleepovers

Spa* The girls had been asking for a special Girls Day Out.  They wanted to go to a spa for facials, manicures, and pedicures.  I suggested we go the more economical route and do an "at home" spa day.  They were just as pleased with this idea because from what I gathered they just wanted to spend time together.

We locked the boys out and went to town in my bathroom.

So excited.  I think Ann's about to burst.

I have never had a facial, so I was totally winging it.

They got their nails done and make up too, but I forgot to get a picture.  We had a distraction/break-in.

Science* We have a membership to the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia.  Since Friday was our last "free day" of summer vacation ( band camp for two weeks, then the beach, then school) we decided it was the best day to go.

Check out these crazy photos.  The ones on the left are age progression.  The ones on the right are age + sun damage, obesity, or that of a smoker.


Mary Kate


Freaky, right?

This one's a little sweeter.

Sleepover* Every year in August my lifelong friends and I have our annual sleepover.  I look forward to this all year.  For our history click here.  For last year's post on this event click here.

It's amazing how different we all are, but the feeling that our six parts make up a very special whole is a great feeling.  They are one of the greatest gifts I have in life.

 We played Hedbands.

 Our first sleepover was 15 years ago.  Bill and I had just gotten married.  He was away during the week training for his job, so we only saw each other on the weekends.  I couldn't very well leave my new husband and have a girls night, so I missed that first one.  Bill and I stopped by and I took this picture way back when.

The first host was my friend Mary Alice.  She was also the host this year. (notice the couch is the same)


 Our memories of yesterday will last a lifetime.  We'll take the best, forget the rest, and someday we'll find.....These are the Best of Times.


  1. I am so jealous of your good friendships! And having girls to do a spa day with. You are so blessed!

  2. What a wonderful thing to have a close group of girlfriends to spend time with! Wait! I'm getting an idea here...maybe someday we could start one with a bunch of us Bloggy friends!!!!

    I'll put you in charge of that, ok? ; )

    Enjoy your babies, friend!

  3. I can't wait to have a daughter(s) to do those fun girly spa days with! They look like they are having so much fun. It seriously made my heart smile when you said that all they really cared about was just spending time together.

    I love that you have an annual slumber party with your girlfriends. What a blessing to have such a great group to go through life with so some fantastic memories can be made. I hope that one day I can have the same sort of thing. I never realized how important girl friendships are until I got much older, so I have a lot of catching up to do! I'm just so happy for you and hope that you have a wonderful week! Blessings!

  4. Love Spa day!! How fun was that!!

    I was reading along and then I saw our song lyrics and got all teary eyed.. I had this sudden rush of a million memories of the last 30 plus years like a video montage in my head .
    Blessed and thankful for my five sisters who I love more than I could ever say .

    On a lighter note.. we need to take more pictures the before the sleepover events start so we look all fresh and new !!
    AND... my goodness , do we look so young in that picture with Bill !!!!

  5. Kathleen, how fun is that???!!! Girlfriend sleepovers!!!! Loved it. All the pics are great...the age progression photos are scary! Good to see, though.

    Happy End of Summer!

  6. Love the spa idea. My boys would break the door down!