Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A Day In The Life....

Woke up this morning with Billy telling me there was a huge raccoon in the back yard.  The sun was already up, so I was concerned about it being rabid.  It was walking like a drunkard and heading close to our back door.  Scary.

 I took a few extra minutes figuring out how to get me and Mary Kate to the car so I could drive her to school.  Those few minutes cost me considerably because every school bus magically appears after that and traffic gets a lot heavier.  I was almost late getting home in time to get Billy to the bus.  He made me drive him to the corner because apparently 13 year old boys are scared of racoons. 

Took Matt to a PTA meeting.  When we arrived he was having a meltdown because he forgot to bring a toy.  It didn't matter that we were in the library and that he had a gazillion books and  a bean bag chair at his disposal.  He did recover quite nicely though. Gotta love old crayons and a  baby toy in the bottom of the purse.  See, there's a reason I never clean it out.

Quick trip to the park where it was 105 degrees--not really, but ugh!


I went to the dentist.  I have plaque and tartar.  Anyone know the difference?  Me neither.

Gather Tommy's baseball clothes so he can change later at the piano teacher's house.

Watch 9/11 footage while eating lunch.  See Chief of Staff Andy Card whisper into President Bush's ear.  I tear up every time with that.  Poor W.  But lucky us to have had him at the helm.

The kids got off the bus and walked straight into my car.  I threw cheese and crackers at them and we drove to the dentist, this time for the girls check-ups.  I left them at the dentist so I could drive the boys to their piano lessons. ( I asked the receptionist if I could do that.  I think she thought I was crazy.)  Picked the girls up from the dentist and then made the switch at piano for their turn.
Took Tommy to his baseball game.  Picked up girls from piano. Cooked dinner but didn't eat. Saw last 20 minutes of Tommy's game.  Went home and had dinner.  Read with Tommy and Ann for 15 minutes each (torture), showers, kisses goodnight.  (*homework done somewhere in this time's waiting room, piano teacher's house, car, etc.)

Call Bill to say "goodnight" but he's already half asleep pretending to be awake.  We cut the conversation short.

Make lunches (my least favorite thing to do) and then remember I'm having a playdate here in the morning and have nothing to feed my guests.  I find Betty Crocker cake mix in the pantry. We'll pretend it's someone's birthday.

More laundry.

Finally done, but then the guilt starts.... for not doing math facts with Tommy and Ann; or having time for them to study their spelling or vocabulary; did I even ask how Mary's day was? And boy, did I ever lay into Billy about that non-issue. 

Something's gotta give.

Let Vader out, grab a glass of ice water (I'm out of wine) and my computer before heading upstairs.  Let Vader back inside, but what's that I see IN HIS MOUTH???  Something gray-ish that looks like fur.  Force him back outside and run to get a spoonful of peanut butter so I can coax him to drop whatever it is in there.

Only a tennis ball.

As I give him the peanut butter I think to myself,  "This day alone would make a good blog post."

And there you have  it.

"I'm not Whooey"


  1. Absolutely......Positively......ummmm.........EVERYTHING!! Thanks!

  2. I'm tired after reading this...and I just got up a few minutes ago! :-)

  3. When is your birthday...'cause I am getting you a pair of roller skates!

    And that picture is creeping me out!!!!!


    We once had a similar experience with a raccoon. It was walking in circles, in the daytime, in the back yard. My children were not as sane as yours, as I had to practically hold them back from going and checking it out. We called the city, I think.

    You have a busy life! How God loves you to give you so much to do. You are one capable Mama!

    Nice to see you today!

  5. I.Can.Relate. 'Nuff Said. Hugs! Out of wine???!!! Buy 2 bottles the next time you are out!

  6. I don't know how you do it. For reals.

  7. I remember many days like that. I promise you will miss them one day !! Hang in there

  8. Man... now I can breathe! I was breathless just reading that! Isn't it funny how the guilt kicks in later? You're supermom.