Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Every time we talked to Matthew about going to Kindergarten, the color would drain from his face, he would turn pale, and his lips would quiver.  For real.  To say he was nervous these last few weeks is an understatement.

So I offered him a bribe--Ice cream.  I told him if he got on the school bus without crying or clinging to me (he did this at Kindergarten registration) I would serve ice cream for dinner.  And guess what!  It worked!

Here he is waiting for the bus to come pick him up.

And here he is when he got home.

Of course, we can't forget that Tommy and Ann started today, too.

Tommy-4th grade; Ann-3rd grade
A successful day I'd say...... 

....even if Mom shed a few many tears.


  1. SO happy it went well for you!!! I still cry on the first day -- and the kids are in 5th and 6th! Btw, who does Tommy have for 4th?

  2. YEA! I bet he loved it!
    Can I come for dinner?

  3. I always get teary on the first day!! So glad Matthew pulled it together for an amazing ice cream dinner! Maggie was exactly the opposite - couldn't wait to go to K! Maybe there's a match made in heaven between these two. How funny if Maggie ended up being married with my maiden name??

  4. I didn't want to go to school either yesterday...I should have promised myself ice cream for dinner if I didn't cry the whole way there! LOL

    I am glad he liked it!

  5. Yay for a great first day! And I love your dinner. : )

  6. Same here. I bribed with a summer 2014 trip to Dorney and wept openly when he walked away holding Helen's hand. Kathleen, our babies - they are growing up!

  7. Wow! Happy new beginnings! Enjoy a lovely time reflecting on what a wonderful family you are responsible for creating! May the year ahead be as delicious as your ice cream dinner! xo

  8. Oh Kathleen...what precious memories you captured!!! I always forget just how small they are at the beginning of Kindergarten...babies, really. What a big boy he was...he did great. Ice cream and waffles...score!!!

  9. Hi Kathleen! That dessert looks awesome! I'd get on the bus for that too! LOL!

    So happy he survived his first day. I remember my daughter would get physically ill the first day of school until about second grade. I felt so bad for her! Now she is a teacher...go figure!

    Thanks for sharing your family today!

  10. I love the picture of him coming off the bus.

    I think ice cream for dinner sounds wonderful! :)