Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Meeting Minutes

Family Summer Meeting-09 June 2014

Meeting called to order at 11:51 a.m. by meeting chair Mom.

Members present:
Chair Mom
Mary Kate

Members not present:
Co-chair Dad

*Motion to use talking stick for meeting.
Vote: 6 in favor
 Resolved: Motion carried

*Motion for summer wish lists to be created by all members
Vote: 6 in favor.
Resolved: Motion carried.

*Motion to create chore chart. Talking stick passed among members with varying negative opinions.
Vote:1 in favor, 5 against.
Resolved: Chair overrides vote and motion carried.

*Motion to coordinate yard sale. Willing participants needed.
Vote:4 in favor, 2 against.
Resolved: Motion carried.

*Talking stick passed among members to state their ideas to fight boredom.
Ideas included puzzles, paint, arts and crafts, hikes, go to pool, read, bowling, free movies, etc.

*Members talked over ideas for types of service to do for others every day.  Some ideas were baking for a neighbor, sending a surprise note to a friend or family member, plant a garden, a kind deed for a sibling.  Some eye rolling occurred here.

*We talked about limitations on screen time.  Mom suggests this to be done only on weekends.
Vote: 1 in favor; 5 against.
Resolved: Motion failed 

*Mom Chair reintroduces the Argue-Meter.

*Member Billy, age 14, wishes to stagger bedtimes, stating that he shouldn't be going to bed at the same time as his 5 year old brother. The talking stick was passed among members once again. Everyone came up with their own bedtime.Member Mary suggests bedtime should coordinate with the person's age. She, being 13, will go to bed at 1 in the afternoon.
Bedtime:unresolved at this time and will reevaluate at next meeting.

*Members reminded to work on their summer wish lists and will present to Chair after lunch.

Meeting adjourned at 12:42 p.m.


  1. You are very kindhearted. I always say that Mother rules, children my put in there requests for consideration, end of conversation.

    :) Hope

  2. Oh my word, I LOVE this! It makes me wish I had young kids at home again because I would SO do this! Sounds fun and entertaining but effective, too! I have to be careful not to get too nostalgic when I read things like this, because I truly do miss that time with my kids. Have a wonderful summer with your babies :)

  3. Love this...I can see and HEAR the various members present!!

  4. Hi Kathleen! I loved reading this. (Especially the part about your using your 'override', hilarious!) But you did listen to the kids, and I think the talking stick is genius. When my kids were little, we'd have family meetings, but no stick. Probably could have used one!

    Good luck with the bedtime thing. I remember our bedtimes were staggered by 15 minutes. So I got to stay up a bit longer than my sisters, altho they were only one year and three years younger. That might work?
    Have a lovely day!