Thursday, August 14, 2014

Everyday Happenings

August has been a boat-load of fun.  Time is going way too fast and before we know it, school will be starting.

In 11 more days, to be exact.

A few weeks back we spent the day with my sister and her family.  They took us to their neighborhood pool.  Even though the weatherman predicted showers and thunderstorms, we decided to go for it.  Nobody else must have wanted to take the chance because we practically had the whole place to ourselves. The kids had fun diving, sliding, playing tennis and basketball.  They gave Aunt Grace a workout! 

My brother in law Mike and Bill

Aunt Grace playing basketball with my boys.
We went back to my sister's house for dinner.  It was really nice spending time with them.  We usually only get to see them during family parties and holidays when it can be kind of hectic.  This was a nice, relaxing day.  Made me wish we lived closer to them.

Our twin nephews turned one.

Eric and Jason
 Need I say more?

Last weekend was the 17th Annual Sexy Six Sleepover.  I can't tell you how much I look forward to this.  (or maybe I can and have told you because I seem to link this story of our friendship here a lot)
This year it was at Tricia's house.  Her husband and kids high-tailed it out of the house for the night so we could sit back, eat, drink, laugh, and catch up on each others lives.

Tricia, Marianne, Mary Alice, Peggy, Rose, and me.

Rose, and her friend Sangria

 We did have an intruder, though.  Peggy's husband Greg stopped by with some lame excuse about having to switch cars.  I think he just missed her :)
I think my Bill is already planning his excuse to crash the party next year :)

And although the Six might be a tad upset this event was shared with other happenings and not given it's own blog post, I hope they know they are still The "A" Team.  Love you girls!

S.S. Night 2004

From there I was off to meet Bill and the kids at my brother Jim's house for a family picnic.  Tons of fun for everyone.

Eileen, Bridget, Julia, and Kathleen

Sisters Eileen and Moira

Sisters Julia and Amanda

Sisters Ann and Mary :)

Good times!

I will end this very long post with some iPhone pictures dumping.

Friends hanging out:

Matt had given up a chance to go roller skating with Tommy and Ann so he would be home to play with a friend of his I was babysitting.  He barely complained at all :)

Billy spent the week going to Lehigh University's Basketball Camp.
Billy's in there somewhere

Is there any better feeling than having your child fall asleep on you?  I don't think so.

That about wraps up this post.   Until next time, my friends...

Avalon, Here we come!!



  1. Isn't having the pool to yourselves the best?!
    Enjoyed sharing these fun times with you, Kathleen...
    And was wondering...does anyone ever call you Kathy?
    Just curious.
    Enjoy the remainder of your summer, my Pa friend.
    If it is anything like feels like October!

  2. Great post !! had a great time at the sleepover and hope we can organize something else before next year ! You never know when we'll just show up on your doorstep !
    Hope you have a great vacation !


  3. Girl, you know how to enjoy life! Good for you. All this grand kids? Beautiful! Their daddies better have their guns ready ;)

  4. Boy have you been having fun! That is what summer is about though...

  5. Hi Kathleen! So that's where my friend Sangria went! I was wondering...
    What a great time you had, and such a wonderful tradition. Friendship is such a gift, isn't it? Almost as precious as a child who falls asleep in your lap. You are richly blessed.
    Enjoy your last days before school,