Wednesday, August 27, 2014

First Day Of School-2014

Our Freshman!

8th Grader!!

Mary with Claire and Ben (neighbor friends)

5th Grader!!

 4th Grader!!

 ...and then there's this guy.

1st grade.

 No surprise, he was nervous.

He managed to pull himself together for a picture at the bus stop.

As soon as the bus came around the corner, he went running.  Bill had to run after him and literally push him onto his seat, kicking and screaming.   Ann quickly sat beside him and blocked him in.  Poor kid.

This is a picture of him on Day 2. 

What a difference a day makes.  He ran to the bus this time.

So there you have it.  All 5 in school full time. I can feel a whole gamut of emotions about this. But that's a post for another day.


  1. Where did the time go?

  2. Great post and great pictures! I need to post about a child going to that was emotional! Hope they have a great year! happy first day of school!!!!

  3. Hi Kathleen
    First day of school here today. Your kids look happy. (Well, with one That's the same look my daughter had this morning and she just turned 11. Your son must have liked it though!) Time really does fly, doesn't it? I'm not sure whether to sigh or smile...

  4. I love your first day of school pictures! I hope they have a wonderful school year! It looks like you have little ones at multiple schools this year as well.

  5. Kathleen!
    The picture of your baby with his arm around you...
    Melted my heart.
    And then...Day 2... His smile! Melted it again!!!!
    Your babies are beautiful, my friend...

  6. Thanks for the wonderful pictures, Kathleen! Loved that there is one of Billy with a really great smile - with the dog! Happy that Matt enjoyed going on the second day. Have a great year of all new experiences! xo

  7. Oh geesh! I would have been bawling my eyes out. How'd you keep it together? Such good looking kids...loved the photos, (even the freshman boy with mom pic! LOL) Wishing you all a blessed school year!!

  8. Great pics - and a future treasure for your family :) !

  9. Hi Kathleen! I'm so glad that your little one recovered his joy so fast. My daughter always had a rough first day... I have to say that I have a purse that's the same pattern as your daughter's backpack. (Yay Vera Bradley!!).
    It must be a whole new feeling to have a few hours of quiet. I hope you are enjoying them?
    Have a wonderful holiday weekend!