Sunday, September 28, 2014

A New Season

Mark your calendars.

February 8, 2015.

What is it, you ask?  Well, for one thing, it's the first Sunday after Football Season.

I declare it is also the official start to "Chick-Flick Season."  Care to join me?

Every Sunday afternoon for 17 straight weeks, put your life (and everyone's around you) on hold and turn on your TV's for the movie of your choice.  Take the best TV in the house, too.

I have my line up all set.

Sound of Music
It's A Wonderful Life
Some Like It Hot
Steel Magnolias
Apollo 13
The Fighting Sullivans
Singing in the Rain
On The Town
Forrest Gump
Gone with the Wind
Driving Miss Daisy
As Good As It Gets
Mr. Holland's Opus
Air Force One
Pretty Woman
Towering Inferno

Oh, it sounds fun, doesn't it?

And my dear family, just so you know:

I call the comfy chair.  You don't have to leave the room while I'm watching.  You're more than welcome to stay.  If you're bored, don't worry.  You'll get used to staring at the screen while your eyes become fixed and dilated from your apathy.

If all goes well, I may place an additional five weeks onto the end of the season for movies I've been meaning to see, such as:

The Way We Were
Silver Linings Playbook
The King's Speech
Dr. Zhivago

I can't wait.

You in?


  1. Oh, how ideal. And in February, just when the winds are blowing all around! I'm adding To Kill a Mockingbird and The Princess Bride to my list ....

  2. I could watch all of those with you but I still love football. Hang in there Babe'

  3. We haven't had football on here since Vick tortured and murdered dogs , the NFL is pretty much a bunch of uneducated criminals who get paid too much for doing nothing decent to make the world a better place , so I am with you 100 %

  4. Ooh, how clever, Kathleen! I am in, those are some of my favorites! The Sound of Music is my number 1, too....was watching it just yesterday, lol.

  5. Wonderful, Kathleen! Yesterday, the TV was turned up so high so that MomMom (94) could hear the Eagles. The next neighborhood could have listened! Reminded me of my childhood when Dad and my seven brothers would be watching the games, and I would go to my bedroom to get away from all of the noise!Today teaching was sooooooooo peaceful in comparison! Bring on the movies! xo

  6. JOE : Syncopators -- does that mean you play that fast music -- jazz?
    SUGAR: Yeah. Real hot.
    JOE: Oh. Well, I guess some like it hot. But personally, I prefer classical music.

  7. You are so creative!!

    Thankfully, we don't watch football. My family is the outdoor sports kind...which is okay with me. My official chick flick season begins when Downton Abbey comes on!

    Don't forget to get some good chocolates or wine ready ;)

  8. I love the Fighting Sullivan's!!! I have only met one other person who has seen the movie. I just watched Some Like it Hot with the girls. They loved it. Wish I could see The Sound of Music with you like we used to do every year. Have fun!
    Patty D

  9. HI Kathleen! Gone with the Wind is my favorite movie of all time. My husband despises it! Truly a chick-flick choice. Some Like it Hot is so funny too! Great list! I agree with Patty too, let's have wine, chocolate and popcorn :)
    I have to admit that I like watching football tho. So I get a really great winter!


  10. Ha! Ha! Oh yes, definitely count me in. This football widow loves when the season is
    over :)