Tuesday, September 2, 2014

More Avalon

Bear with me.  I know I posted our vacation video already, but there were some cute shots and memories I wanted to document from our week in Avalon.

Our car looks the same every year when we leave.


We're heeeere.  Welcome to Seaward!  This was our 4th year renting this adorable beach house.  We love it.

About to get that first glimpse of the beach....

 Miniature Golf Night

Arcade Night


Our friends Brian and Maggie were vacationing with their family the same week and their shore house was only 1 block from us.  We saw each other every day on the beach.

Our traditional Thursday night dinner at Carmen's in Sea Isle City, NJ:

Saturday--Check out day: Last picture at Seaward.

Breakfast at Uncle Bill's pancake house.

Normally we'd be headed home at this point but we were fortunate enough to be in Avalon for the housewarming party for Bill's Uncle Joe's and Aunt April's new home they had built.

We had a few hours before the party began so we drove to Stone Harbor for some window shopping and water ice eating.

Then came the party.

 I didn't get a chance to take pictures inside, but take my word.....Oh My Word!

We were also celebrating our hostess Aunt April's birthday. 

Happy Birthday Aunt April!
With all the swimming, kayaking, and eating, it may have been the kids' best day of all!

 That's a wrap.  Until next year.....(hopefully)


  1. Love the photos! Glad you shared them. What an adorable beach house :)
    Okay...the new house?? It looks magazine worthy!

  2. Looks like a great time with family and friends. Great photos!

  3. This is wonderful - makes me miss the beach! We rented the same beach house (in North Carolina) every year when our kids were growing up; that makes for special memories, doesn't it?! Like coming to your other home! And I haven't mentioned yet that I LOVE your Avalon video. I think the editing is super - very professional!

  4. It looks like a wonderful vacation. I love the place you rented!

  5. Wonderful pictures! I was especially happy to see you in the pictures, Kathleen! xo

  6. Hi Kathleen! What wonderful memories you are making for your children! And great bonding time too. Love that blue mouth on your son, so cute! The beach and the sand pits your kids made are awesome, and isn't it fun to have friends around, even when you vacation? I bet the kids loved it.
    The house "oh my word" about says it. Wow! Lovely pool too!