Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day 2014

Christmas Eve we celebrate with Bill's side of the family.  We try to get a picture before we head out to Bill's aunt and uncle's house. Vader always makes his way in, never wanting to be left out.

Mary and Ann with cousins Marie and Rose

Bill with nephew Andrew

Nieces Grace and Maggie

Bill's brothers Joe and Tim with wives Beth and Ali

Niece Marie with sisters in law Kate and Jenny

Mom and Dad with Aunt Ella (middle)

Marie with her Dad Steve and Aunt Ella

Jenny with niece Ellie

These pictures show just a fraction of the 60+ relatives that were there that night.  It's a blast and well worth the late arrival back to our house--midnight---get to bed quick because Santa's on his way!

Christmas morning.  Happy Birthday Jesus!!

After all the gift opening hoopla, we headed to the 10:30 mass.  Bill was a lector and Billy and Tommy were altar servers.  They were short on servers so Mary Kate came out of retirement and filled in. 
In the homily the priest talked about the song The Little Drummer Boy.  In particular the lyric, "I played my best for him" noting that we should give God our best, not our left-overs.

Later in the day my side of the family came here and (hopefully) had a great time.  I know I did.

My Dad and siblings

Siblings with spouses

Nieces Maddie, Eileen, Bridget, Julia, and Kathleen

Nephews Jimmy and Michael with Grandpop

My sister Mary Grace, Sister in law Kathy, and niece Moira

Brothers Jim and Bob

Bro in law Mike and brother John

Uncle Art with Mary Grace and John

Love my sister!


Billy and Michael

The eldest and youngest cousins....Moira and Matthew

With my brother Jim on the guitar we sang some Christmas songs and then I requested he and my brother John do their rendition of Al Stewart's The Year of the Cat. 

This week Bill and the kids are off so we will spend lots of time in our pajamas mixed with fun activities. 

Happy New Year to all.  See you in 2015!


  1. You take a lot of pictures ME! It is nice to have them to look back on. Kids grow up so fast. A blessing you live around a lot of your family. go the RIGHT Batman 3. I accidentally bought the one for the xbox one. Wish they would package them in different colors...OR I could look better too!

    Happy 2015!

  2. How much fun! I bet both sets of parents/grandparents are filled with so much pride and joy when they have y'all together like this. I see so much love in your families. I'm thrilled you have them there with y'all...I miss mine. Merry Christmas to you and happy New Year!

  3. Oh you also have a dog and it's cute! I will not be asking how your Christmas was because I can see it in these pictures. It was monumental! Really great to have a wonderful family around, huh?

    Happy 2015 to you all!

  4. A beautiful family. Merry Christmas and thanks for taking me along for the ride.

  5. Awesome Day!
    Awesome Pictures!
    Awesome Family!

    Thanks to you and Bill for hosting Christmas Day & capturing these super fantastic memories!

  6. Love the first picture with the kids and dog...the same thing usually happens here...Baxter does not want to be left out.
    It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas with both sides of the family. We do the same...Christmas Eve is with my side of the family, Christmas morning just with the 5 of us and Christmas night with Ray's family.
    Have a great week off with the family!

  7. I enjoyed all the photos - what a great family.