Wednesday, December 10, 2014

NOT An Affiliate Link

I don't know what an affiliate link is.  I think it has something to do with getting compensation for advertising through your blog.

Well, my "fan base" is much too small for me to get any compensation, but I do have an unpaid advertisement for you.

Back in the summer I got a great deal on bath towels from Horchow.  I had never heard of that site, and it sure is beautiful over there, but came to find out that my pocketbook wouldn't be buying anything.  Except for these towels!  Back then I got them, monogrammed and all, for only $8.  Today I saw they are having a Friends and Family event until December 12th and you can get the same towels for only $11.17.

Let me tell you, I love these.  You can say I'm a bit picky when it comes to towels.  I like them absorbent, but not heavy.  Gosh, I hate a towel so heavy that drying off feels like I just pumped iron for an hour; or when I wrap my hair up I feel like I'm going to give myself a cervical spine fracture.  Know what I'm saying?  These are fluffy, super soft, absorbent, and lightweight.

I gathered the kids in front of the computer and let them choose their towel color, monogram font, and font color.  They had so much fun. I also bought an over the door, 5 hook towel holder and they each manage to put them back in the right spot when they are done with them.  All because they are so enamored by these towels.

Now I no longer have to shout, "Who left their towel on the floor?" because if they do, I know exactly who it was.  *smile*

In need of new towels for your crew?  You can click here to find the site that brings you right to the Greenwich Towel from Ralph Lauren.  Might make a good Christmas present, too.


  1. That is a GREAT!!! idea!!! (For a few reasons ;)

  2. Love this idea! In our house each child has their own colored towel...