Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Senior Year Happenings

Happy All Saints Day, Everyone!

Yes, it's November and life goes on. 

*The mailbox is full of college ads.  Some addressed for Billy.  Some addressed for Mary.
We've done some college visits.  We even took the long Columbus Day weekend to travel to western PA.

First, we visited Penn State.  Billy's #2 in the line-up.  From there we headed to Pittsburgh.  We did, however, take a "pitt stop" in Shanksville, PA to visit the Flight 93 Memorial. It was beautiful and moving.

This picture above was taken at the memorial site looking up at the visitors center.  Between the two is a beautiful path, about a mile long.  A good walk for quiet reflection.  (or goofing around, if you're Tommy and Matt)
I was touched by this.

I'm so glad we all got to see this.

We arrived in Pittsburgh late that night.  The following day was spent site seeing.  The zoo was having a free admittance day so we took advantage of that.

Then we rode around the city a bit.  We had lunch and took some cool pics of the city.

The last day we spent visiting Pittsburgh University.  It was really nice, but very far from Mom home.

*Senior Year for Cross Country.  Here is Billy with his fellow senior teammates.

A tradition is the other teammates decorate their doors and trees.  I could do without the toilet paper.

That's all for now.  I guess before we know it, we'll all be blogging about the holidays!

Thanks for visiting here 😊


  1. Senior year..crazy right!! We were in full college application mode here. Several of the school Isabellas looking at are too far for me.:)

  2. Great Updates! And a great way to get some family time in at the same time. I shake my head realizing Billy is a senior. Good Luck with Billy’s decision. Have him visit DCCC, they took the ashtrays out of the classrooms since I went there. 😀. I liked your “pitt stop” and mom strike through. Clever you are.

  3. Wonderful family time checking out the schools. There's so much to take in, isn't there? It is going to go by lightening fast so hand on tight. :)