Thursday, September 28, 2017

Everyday Happenings

Happy Fall to all of you.  After a week of high temps....into the 90's for goodness sake.....I think it's finally cooling down today.  I'm looking forward to that.

Now, onto the happenings...

End of Summer + Beginning of the School Year =  Phone photo dump

 * August brought band camp.....Tommy actually likes it; it's my picture-taking he doesn't care for.

*We all went horseback riding.  The kids had never been and they loved it!  It's so hard to find an activity that all 5 enjoy, but this one hit the mark.

Afterward, we drove to Scranton, PA to check out the university and we stopped for dinner.  They were good sports for "posing for the blog."

*We had the first day of school

Billy, Senior!!! and Mary, 11th grade

Tommy, 8th grade and Ann, 7th grade

Matthew, 4th grade

*I already posted about Mary's piccolo solo here

Billy also had a little fun that night in the Riot Squad

*Speaking of Billy and Mary, they are in the middle of their Cross Country season.

Sugar fix after a race
*The middle school band had a car wash fundraiser.

Ann (r) with friend Amanda

* 4th grade at our public school means learning an instrument!!!  Matthew picked Alto Sax and it sure looks good on him.

*Matthew's soccer team went against our neighbor's CYO team.  These besties had fun playing in a real game together.  It was a tough loss for our team, but they remained friends :)

*Ann wanted to see what she'd look like in my car's rear camera.

*And, someone got her driver's permit and is very excited.

That's all she clicked.  Into the crazy fall we go. 

Happy Weekend!


  1. How?
    How are your babies that grown up??
    What fun you all must have!
    You are doing family right, my friend.
    And yes to the cool weather!!!
    Enjoy this fun time year!

  2. Hi there!!! Billy a senior - hold on tight because the year is going to fly by at lightening speed! I always enjoy catching up here when I hop on the blogosphere! BTW, we love horses, too ;)

  3. Yes! So happy for cooler temperatures finally! Horse back riding looks like so much fun! Definitely something I wanna do with my kiddos! I see your kids like slurpees?!?! We went to Taco Bell the other day for "Happy Hour!" All drinks $1 from 2-5pm, anyhow they have these Starburst & Air Head flavored slurpees with Pop Rocks in the bottom!!! I know, I know, probably not the healthiest but it was a treat! Hehe!! Anyhow, holy moly were they yummy!!! So basically what i'm saying is, your kids might love them too :) Happy Tuesday!!!