Saturday, October 29, 2011


One of the things I found shocking when I moved to this area was the fact that some townships do their trick or treating on whatever the Friday night happens to be. So our trick or treating night was last night. Halloween is fun, but I find putting them in costume second only to the annoyance level of getting them ready to go in the snow! Little did I know that this weekend I'd be doing both!

 So we started the weekend off with Matthew helping me make a new recipe....stromboli! I have never made it before and thought I'd give it a try.
I got a little worried when it cooked up like this:

Not sure what was going on there.

Then the two of us headed up to the school to see the parade...I didn't get any good pictures there. Here is one of Mary before she walks out of view.
Dr. Mary

 After school, we quickly ate some dinner (?) before we headed to piano, then to drop the girls off at a party. Here is my "tablescape":
That's about as close as Sandra Lee as I get.

Here are Darth Vader, Lt. Thomas, and the Grimm Bill before heading out.

  Every Halloween growing up my Grandmother came over to watch us get ready in our costumes and also see the neigborhood kids come to the door. I could never understand why she wanted to be there. I thought  she should be home giving out candy at her own house. Now that I'm older and wiser, I know why she was there and why it must have meant so much to her. My Mom would always serve her these cookies with milk.
 I'm pretty sure my siblings, my Dad, and my Uncle can't look at this box without thinking of Halloween and my Grandmother.

Surprisingly, we have about six  inches of snow here today. And what's even more surprising, I not only got the kids dressed to go out in it, I joined them! I have come a long way.

Even though we had fun, I'm okay if snow doesn't show itself again until December. ( I'd even wait until January).


  1. I can't believe it snowed this weekend! I love the pictures of Matt, especially the one with the big smile.

  2. You make it all look so easy, Kathleen! The kids look awesome. Mary looks just like you.
    Happy Hallowee, Christa (I've snuck on Tim's computer. shh! ;) )

  3. You make it look so easy, Kathleen. The kids look awesome, and Mary looks just like you in her scrubs! Happy Halloween!