Monday, October 10, 2011

Weekend Review

  We had a nice holiday weekend. It started a bit early with Bill being home by 4pm on Friday! He started the weekend right with some goofy-ness.

  Saturday was the big guy's birthday. We started with donuts at breakfast, a tradition he grew up with. Yum!
  The rest of the day was football games and basketball try-outs. We got a sitter that night and went out for a bit with some friends.   Sunday I had some time "back home"  in the Philly area and was able to see a lot of our family. Have I mentioned I have the greatest family EVER?

 The kids and Bill were all off on Monday. At lunch I asked Bill if I could make him a sandwich. He said, "Yes, but could you please put on a lot more mayo than you usually do?". This is what I made:

Aren't I funny?

 Since our October weekends were filling up quickly we decided today was the day to take our annual pumpkin picking trip. We had no idea it would be so hot!! It was fun though. Here are some pictures:
Billy's pumpkin was 35 lbs!

  I hope your weekend was a happy one too! 


  1. Happy Birthday to the big guy!! Love the extra mayo on the sandwich, too. Sounds like you guys had a great weekend...I did too!!

  2. Kathleen,
    Good one! Yes, you are funny! Randy likes a lot of mayo, too ;)

    These pictures of your family are great. This is the first year we've missed our visit to a local farm and the hayride that goes with it. We usually go apple picking and grab a pumpkin too. Things just didn't line up this year. Glad you had fun!