Saturday, January 14, 2012

15 Minutes of Fame

Back in November I wrote a post about a kind man at the Dunkin Donuts drive thru.  I thought it would be nice to let him know the difference he made in my day so I printed out the post and gave it to him the next time I saw him.  A few weeks later I was contacted by the owner of that store.  She told me she liked the post and sent it to Dunkin Donuts Corporate.  They enjoyed it enough that they decided they'd like it to be a part of their January employee newsletter. 

This week the newsletter came out and the owners of the store invited me to come in to get a copy.  I joked with the kids that the papparazzi would be there and I should wear my sunglasses.  Turns out what I received was better than that.  The owners, a husband and wife team, were so warm and welcoming to me.  They sat with me and Matthew and had a nice chat with me about how much they appreciate kind words from customers in a world where it seems all people do is complain.  It was evident that they take the word "employee" to the next level and treat them like part of their own family.  I immediately found myself admiring them for their work ethic and Christian attitude.  They even treated me to a bag full of goodies to take home.

I got my picture taken with Randy, the kind employee and Nancy, one of the owners.

 If America runs on Dunkin, these kind people are winning the race :)


  1. You also never know the joy that recgonizing someone's kind efforts may bring to the kind person! You were great to give him that gift, Kathleen.

  2. That is so cool! I love calling you my friend!!