Thursday, January 19, 2012

Fluff Piece

I've decided to start something new here on the blog.  Sometimes I don't have much to write about.  However, my fans wait with bated breath to see what I've written.  (That was a joke.)  So I'm introducing my "Fluff Piece" posts.  In other words, if I have nothing to blog about I will write something with little or no significance at all.

This time I'm giving a tip about perfume.

Last year I thought I wanted to purchase a new perfume.  As you know, perfume can be very expensive.  I wasn't sure which one I wanted so I decided to ask for some samples.  This is just a "sample" of what they gave me at the department store.  I received about 3 of each brand.  Turns out I use perfume about once a month.  I am so glad I didn't spend a dime and now have a large variety to choose from.

Go out and get yourself some! 

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