Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tommy's Piano Lesson

Tommy has taken up piano.  Last night he had his first lesson.  He was so excited I thought he might burst.  When I dropped him off at the teacher's house he was a bit nervous.  She immediately put him at ease having him pick out a sticker for his book, introduced him to the family dog, and then got down to business.

When I came back to get him the look on his face was hard to read.  I couldn't tell if he was thinking, "Get me out of here!"  Or, "Why are you here already?"  Turns out it was the latter.  He was shocked and not happy that I was back so soon.  He asked me later why the lessons can't be five hours long. 

At breakfast I caught him practicing his finger taps and afterwards he went directly to the piano to do his 4 "songs" he has for homework.

 I'm so proud of him. Let's hope his excitement continues! 


  1. Wonderful! Catch a hug, Tommy! Love, Gran xo

  2. Oh yeah! I'm as excited as Tommy !! As Uncle Jim says "those lessons and practice are like putting money in the bank". Your talent will just keep growing over time !! You the Man Tommy !
    Uncle John

  3. He was grinning from ear to during the whole lesson! He was ready to conquer the world last night & certainly ready to play duets with Billy & Mary Kate!

  4. Sorry, it should have read "ear to ear". I guess I was to misty eyed & choked up from your beautiful post that I did not proofread my own! I seriously did cry - ask Tom!