Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tommy's Birthday/Easter Sunday

On Friday Tom-Bomb turned 8!

Morning doughnuts!

Awesome new Star Wars game on Kinect!
The requested chocolate cake with green icing.
Since Tommy's birthday was on Good Friday we tried to have a balance of solemn and joyful.  The kids were troopers when we took them to church, but mostly because we were taking them to Chuck E. Cheese afterward.  Bribery, you say? Who, us?

Our Easter plans had changed last minute and we weren't traveling nor entertaining.  It had a different "feel" that's for sure.  Lucky for us that was the plan because Billy woke up with a nasty stomach bug and spent the day on the couch.  Bill and I took turns going to mass with the three middle kids. Hence the reason only those three were dressed up.

Poor Billy. And no, I don't cook with that pot.
Ann in the distance practicing her golf swing after watching The Master's all day.
Billy was feeling better by dinner, but very grateful he didn't have to eat ham or veggies.

Another day full of blessings. Happy Easter everyone!


  1. Too bad Billy wasn't feeling well! You look so pretty in that picture with Tommy!

  2. Happy birthday and many blessings!!!
    So sorry he was sick, hope he's feeling better!

    You look beautiful, and your kiddos are adorable!

    I'm going after the food....what's that salad? (I love salads and am always looking for a new one to try)

    Happy Easter!

  3. Oops, I re-read that, it was Billy sick, not Tom the b-day boy, right?

  4. Sorry to hear Billy was sick.

    I was raised Catholic and we used to go to three churches on Good Friday and kiss the cross with the splinter in it at each church. We attend a Presbyterian church now and they don't have those sorts of things, but last year I took the girls to the two churches I had grown up in and the church here in town to do that...only to find the doors locked :( I was so bummed...I guess in this day and age you can't trust those crosses won't get stolen!