Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Have You Done This?

Picture this:

Early morning, breakfast time. Running late. Each child wants a different kind of egg for breakfast. We have 15 minutes to cook and eat before we need to head out the door. Three pans going. Toast in toaster. I feel like a short order cook.

Handing out the plates I notice what Tommy will notice in about a half a second. That his fried egg is a little burned overdone. I know what's coming so I start talking to him real fast.  Are you excited about basketball camp? What's your favorite part? Who wants orange juice? In the midst of my attempt at distractions I hear Tommy say quietly, almost to himself, "This is burnt."  My reply is, "No it isn't Tom, that's just the Pam cooking spray that got a little brown on your egg. It's fine."

I hold my breath. We have to be in the car in 5 minutes. I say a quick prayer, "Please let him be okay with this breakfast."

He was. 4  minutes later he's bringing me his empty plate.

Dodged a bullet there. 

I love you Tommy!


  1. Yup, we have all done that in our own way.

  2. I've got a "no brown" kid...I'll have to try that one next time!

  3. I love that kid...and the other 4 too!

  4. I have one that is SO picky about how his food is prepared...I so get this!