Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Birthday Celebrating And Pumpkin Patching

Monday was Bill's birthday.  He was off for the Columbus Day holiday, which was nice.

Morning doughnuts:

Matt's buddies Joseph and Luke celebrated with us.
Later, we headed to our yearly tradition of Pumpkin Patching!  Perfect fun.

We named a couple of the pumpkins we saw.

This was the Darth Maul:
This was the "E.T. Barely Alive":

Here they are with their finds.  Billy traded his in for a bigger one he found on the way back to the tractor.  It weighed 55 lbs.  Heavy, both literally and on the pocketbook!

Yes, I was having a heart attack.
The real me.

Later there was more Happy Birthday festivities....cake and ice cream!

Happy Birthday Bill.  I'm glad you were born.


  1. Happy birthday to Bill... and I'm ready after these great pics to warm some cider... AND!..!!...

    You have "Shaker pegs" (it's what I call them anyway) in your eating area, just like in mine, You're the only person I've ever seen with them besides myself. And I notice this because I have enjoyed mine SO much for years, and it's something people note about my house.

    Now to make that cider.....

  2. Happy Birthday Bill!! Love the picture/movie! :-)

  3. Hysterical video - Happy birthday Bro !

  4. Happy Birthday Bill. I guess Kathleen didn't have a "5" candle. Thought you were 52...just kidding!!....Brother Bob