Monday, October 15, 2012

Time To Go Shopping?

When you don't realize you have a hole in your purse with a pen sticking out.....

...your pants will look like this.


  1. Yeah, I'm thinking it is time to go purse shopping. Did you get the ink out of the pants? I hear rubbing alcohol works.

  2. This gave me a smile... although I hate to smile at the expense of your "penned" clothing! You probably know this, but inexpensive hairspray (for some reason it has to be the "cheaper" stuff)sprayed on ballpoint ink usually dissolves it away. I wonder if it's the alcohol in it that does the trick, like Mary said??? Hmmm....

  3. Oh NO!!!

    Did the stain come out of the pants??

  4. Hairspray is supposed to work, but if not, "Goo be Gone!" always did wonders when I was raising kids who did wonderous things with pens, etc. It is in hardware stores. Good luck! xo