Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Everyday Happenings

**Anybody miss me?  This is was one long hiatus from blogging.  It was kind of nice taking a break, even though I know my fans have been waiting with bated breath for me to return. 

**Bill and Billy have a bad case of poison ivy.  I mean, really bad.  Of course one of the treatments for this is Epsom Salt baths, but our only bathtub has a leak and is unusable right now.  Go figure.

**I did some baking over the weekend.  The kids used to say, "Can I have some?"  Now when I bake they say, "Who is that for?" because I've gotten in the habit of not baking for our family but for someone else's family or an event we're going to.  (Kind of like when I clean the stove top Bill will ask, "Who's coming over?")  Kind of sad really.  Anyway, my go-to, delicious, crowd pleaser is Pumpkin Roll.

It was gone almost as fast as.....

** The Wasabi Peas I bought yesterday.  See how much is left?

I am the only one here who likes them. You do the math.

**My parish Moms & Tots group met again to start the fall season indoors.  We even got a special visit from one of our priests who read about Guardian Angels and St. Francis.

Stay tuned for my next post where I share one important lesson all mothers should teach their children.....


  1. Sorry to hear about the poison ivy :( That pumpkin roll looks yummy! I am the only one here that likes wasabi peas.

  2. I love Pumpkin roll. You should bring that to sleepover night. yum.
    I eat the whole can of wasabi peas too and I only like that green can. LOL....who knew.
    Miss you...always