Sunday, April 21, 2013

Alien Invasion

Yes, I haven't posted in a week.

No, we have not been invaded by aliens.

I was all set tonight to post about all the excitement from the past week.  However, a certain 9 year old boy is having trouble sleeping at the moment. He's a little scared.  You see, with our new house rule that there is no more Disney Channel, the kids have taken a liking to the National Geographic Channel.  Apparently this morning they watched a show called Alien Invasion while I was getting ready for mass.  A certain parent, who shall remain nameless, saw this and had a little fun speaking on the subject of life forms on other planets.

It's all sweet and innocent until someone loses sleep, isn't it?

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Needless to say, someone around here is in the doghouse.

** *Tommy has just informed me that the show is called Alien Mysteries and it's on the Discovery Channel. **


  1. Oh Kathleen...I feel your pain...Haven't seen that show, but I can empathize with you! The same thing happens here sometimes with Rhett. Hope you got some sleep, both of you! : )

  2. Oh, I hope everyone is getting some sleep. I have started to pay much closer attention to what I watch. Seems it gets stuck in this old head of mine and I can't sleep either.

  3. We've had two around here whose minds would hold on to things ignored in the daytime and "bring them out at night." Not even scary things, necessarily. I hope this clears out for you soon and you can all get some rest!

  4. Nicolas dose the same thing!
    Hope you got some sleep!

  5. The question is what happened to the Disney channel??

    Brother Bobby

  6. Why not the Disney Channel?? Have they seen Brain Games on Nat Geo, that's a great show , that will keep their mind off aliens for a bit!