Monday, April 29, 2013

Thank You Rain

It rained here pretty much all day.  It was warm in the morning, but by the afternoon it had that uncomfortable chill in the air.

As the day wore on, I realized all we had on the calendar for tonight was dropping Mary off at her track practice; a very easy night considering this is what my April calendar looked like, and most of the stuff on there takes place between 4pm-9pm.

When I checked my email around 4pm I saw a glorious email from Coach Dave titled:

"Track Practice cancelled".

This was music to my ears eyes!

No where to go?  No where to be?  Homework is done? 

Let's rent a movie and have a tortellini picnic for dinner!!

So we did.

I think we all loved the change up in routine around here. 


  1. My calendar is the same and I totally agree, I love rainy days and cancellations!!! Changing up routine is great, it's fun and it teaches kids to be flexible !! Looks like it was much needed and lots of fun !!

  2. Sounds like a nice break!

  3. Oh Kathleen...I am with you...rainy afternoons are my favorite...So happy for all of you! Looks like it was a perfect change of pace! Have a great day, friend...

  4. I love when practice gets cancelled too! It feels like first prize! LOL

  5. Sounds wonderful! I love those kind of nights. And yes I love those rainy afternoons.