Thursday, February 13, 2014

Scenes From A {Yet Another} Snow Day

Earlier this week when I heard that another big snow storm was coming our way, I literally wanted to cower in a corner and suck my thumb.


Ok, slight exaggeration.  But, c'mon now.  Let's be done already.  And to make it worse, our school's make-up days are cutting into summer vacation. Boo hiss.

However, I did decide to make the best of it.  In the beginning of the week I gathered all the necessary supplies I needed to accomplish many things on the days we would inevitably have off.  There were Valentine's to make, special comfort foods to prepare, and a long list of duties for a project I'm working on.  We were all set.  I even used my trusty ol' white board to guide the kids in their snow day activities.

The boys and I spent quality time outside shoveling.  I had the idea to run in and ask Mary to take our picture.  The boys asked "why" and I told them, "For the blog, of course."

All five enjoyed some play time out in the snow with our neighbor, Claire.  Dear, dear Claire.  I don't know how she does it, but all is well in my kids' world whenever Claire is around.  She is a rock star.

In the afternoon we had lunch, we drank hot chocolate, finished the Valentine's, did most of the homework, practiced instruments, baked cookies, made hard-boiled eggs, and I even managed to check off a "to-do" from my project.

Billy's famous chili dog

Rock Star Claire, Matt, and Mary finding recipes while having lollipops

Ann, Matt, and Tommy's Valentine's 

We asked Claire to stay for dinner.  As we gathered around the table, I thought, "This snow day wasn't so bad after all."

As we went to close the garage door after Claire went home, it wouldn't shut.  Just a humming sound.  I climbed on a folding chair to try to figure out 'what the heck'; followed the direction on the system to no avail; called Bill to ask for help-but really just wanted to yell at him for not being here to fix it, and so on and so on.
I couldn't get it to work, and in a fit of anger, released the manual do-hicky thing and practically flew off my folding chair trying to not let the door slam to the ground.  I managed to pull the door most of the way back up, because I figured I'd want my car outside because once the door is down, I am not getting it back up on my own manually---there is no handle.

Right now, everyone is safe and warm, and that's really all that should matter.  Another snow day tomorrow.  Who knows what the day will bring.  Hopefully no cowering or thumb sucking, but I'm not making any promises. 

I may have to knock up for Claire.


  1. Sounds like you guys survived...there was a lot of snow to shovel this time. I am done with the snow for this year!

  2. Hang in there babe'.... This too shall pass or so they say lol

  3. Hi Kathleen! Your neighbor sounds like such a peach! I know that having other children over really changes the dynamic. My neighbor had two boys, and those kids always played with mine. It was wonderful!

    Boo! for the garage door. We have had snapped coils on our door several times. And our first garage door was made of was HEAVY! Fortunately now we have a lighter one. Still stinks though.

    Your snowpile is very impressive, and your driveway is long! Thank goodness for our kids (and snowblowers).
    Hope today is going well, and that your thumb is safe :)
    Happy Valentines those valentines of the kids reaching out their hands for the sucker. So clever!

  4. Hi Kathleen
    Oh. My. Gosh. Will this snow never stop? We are having snow days just about every week! Like you, two this week! My brother-in-law plows and has been out 26 times this winter!! Someone needs to turn off the snow faucet "upstairs" for a week or four so I can see my mailbox for more than an hour or two before digging it out again ;)

    Happy Valentine's Day, Kathleen!

  5. Oh, you poor thing with the shoveling AND the garage door thingy. That would put me over the edge and it definitely calls for an irish coffee! Your neighbor Claire sounds like our neighbor, "Amazing Jessie"! Ha ha! My husband actually calls her A.J. for short. So sorry you have all that snow. so much for global warming, huh?! LOl Hang in there and I hope the weekend melts the snow quickly. Have a blessed Sunday!