Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Thankful For Everyday Life-A Link-Up

I do believe this is my first ever link up.  Jamie over at Lord, Make Me A Saint, is hosting a "Thankful for Everyday Life" post.  Here is my list for this week.

1. My health.  There is some sadness, worry, and fear happening to people I know and love this week.  I am ever so grateful for this body of mine that works.  I have been spending way too much time whining about the weight I've gained, my ugly hair, and my jowls, when I should be rejoicing in the fact that I am a perfect specimen of health!  Thank you, Lord.

2. Time out with Bill's sisters and sisters-in-law. We went out to dinner to celebrate the newest soon-to-be member of the family.  Bill's brother Tim is marrying Beth in May. Hooray!

3. My Tommy.  The kid cracks me up.  The other day he said quite seriously, "I would give up everything I have to become an Avenger." 

4. My mother- and father-in-law.  Six years ago Bill and I went on our parish's weekend retreat.  The following year we went again because we were asked to be on the retreat team.  Now, this year we are on the team again.  Guess who has babysat for all those weekends away? Yep, my in-laws.  Not to mention the many weeks in total they babysat while I delivered babies. They are the best and such a gift to me/us.

5. Laughs.  All seven of us had a big laugh when our dog (named Vader) picked up a lightsaber and started playing with Bill.  The kids got the biggest kick out of that.

6. Bill's coming home in 2 days!!  Bill has been working far away this past year and was coming home only on the weekends.  It was 375 days ago that he started.  But who's counting?

ME!!  That's who.  I'm so thankful the year is done; that we survived.  That "absence makes the heart grow fonder" trumped "out of sight out of mind." 

Right, hon?



  1. Kathleen! What a fantastic list! I hear you on the health issues. There are so many who have such serious illnesses or issues going on in their lives and my "worries" seem to teensy tiny. Your in-laws have some of the prettiest daughters and daughters-in-law that I've ever seen! They must be so proud when y'all are together ;) The dog and the light saber...that is a hoot! I'm SO excited for you and the fact that your husband will be home. I cannot even imagine how awesome that must be. :)

  2. I agree, my sweet friend!
    A beautiful list...
    I join you and Patty on the health issue.
    As I get older, I do indeed appreciate my health each and everyday.
    And yay yay yay for your hubby to come home!!!! : )
    Hugs my friend!

  3. Awwwwww.....I loved your whole list! Thanks so much for joining in Kathleen! I loved the Avenger comment, how cute is that? And that your dog is named Vader..I'm telling my kids!! (not that we are going to get a dog or anything, but if we did....)

    I'm so happy your husband will be home soon. You must live for those moments with him! What a hard year you've had.

    Thankful for you Kathleen!

  4. Such a fun post! Yay for your husband coming home...that must have been hard with him home only on the weekends. My husband travel a lot for wok as is hard not having help.

  5. Absence absolutely made my heart grow fonder. I am thankful for your love, sacrifice and perseverance throughout the year. I am also thankful for all the prayers and help from others throughout the year, and that everyone is healthy. I can wait to be home with you and the children. See you soon turtle! xoxo

  6. Hi Kathleen! I was reading about your husband being gone during the week all this year...yikes! That would have made me a saint :) That's a hard job my friend, both for him and for you. Congrats! You made it through!!

    I was nodding my head about the health thing. I complain about such minor things. And I have friends and family dealing with huge challenges. I need to thank God so much for his gift of health, and use it for his glory.

    Have a wonderful day!

  7. Love dog named Vader playing with the light saber..that is funny! Glad to hear your "hon" is coming home and staying home??? Having good health is a huge blessing!

  8. Kathleen, I told Bill to tell you that you are a hero - someone who sacrifices for the good of others. So is he. I loved all that you wrote.The only clarification that I would make is that Dad and I love doing anything that we can to help - so that is no sacrifice on our part, and it is wonderful that the two of you devote time and energy to help others know how much God loves and cares for them. We hope that the days ahead, which will be an adjustment after a long year, will be days that bring you joy! xo

  9. Babe'-You rock and always inspire me to be better. Thank you for the gift of your sisterhood/friendship!

  10. Kathleen,

    You make me smile with this fun little post. I especially liked that last bit; it left me with a laugh that keeps on coming.

    :) Hope