Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A-Z Challenge: Why I Love Being Catholic (V)

The challenge is on.  Write a post each day in April (minus Sundays) using the letters of the alphabet as your guide. 

The theme I have chosen is "Why I Love Being Catholic".    

Let's continue...

V- Veneration

Definition:  Great respect; reverence.

Bible:  Hebrews 13:7 Remember your leaders, those who spoke to you the word of God; consider the outcome of their life, and imitate their faith" (Heb. 13:7).

Personal:  On a couple occasions my children have come home from school telling me something disturbing their friends have said.  It goes something like this:

"So-and-so says Catholics just believe a bunch of lies."  When pressed further, it usually stems from our recognition of the Blessed Mother or how we "worship" statues.

It sounds so ridiculous to someone who was raised knowing that our respect for the saints is just that...respect.  We look to the saints to help us on our way.  They were human like we are, with strengths and weaknesses.  Some of them even strayed far, far way from God, yet found their way back. They give us hope.
We venerate them.  They are human role models who help us live lives of goodness for God.

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  1. Popping by to say Hi on the AtoZ trail from Norolk England at No190

  2. Always inspired by your knowledge and love of our faith, my dear friend!!!!

  3. Oh, that comment. Seriously. Chosen ignorance on the counterpart. And you are doing a great job of straightening it out! It's like, why keep pictures of deceased family members around, talk to them, or show respect in any way toward them? Saints are more alive then us here on earth, for pete's sake, AND they are friends of Christ. I don't want to be rude to any friend of Christ. Ugh. Can you tell that ignorant comment bothers me??

  4. Hi Kathleen! When I read your word for yesterday, 'veneration', I thought of Eucharistic Adoration. I love that, and I think we venerate the Lord in that practice.
    I share your confusion when it comes to people thinking we worship the saints and Mary. Well, maybe in a way we do? They are certainly worthy of it, but my worship doesn't end there, all veneration ends in God. But of course, they don't see that from just looking at me.
    Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  5. It is so difficult reminding ourselves, let alone children to try to understand before poking fun.