Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Holidays At Hillside

I can't help but think of my Mom when the holidays are here. So many years, so many memories of her making each and every one special. We didn't have a big extended family and the job of host landed on her every holiday, year in and year out. And she did all this with a smile. She was just that kind of person.

I now own the untensils from her kitchen. They are heavy duty-will last forever-utensils. But more importantly, I can't grab one from the drawer without thinking of her.

Here is the breakdown of some memories when I look at these.

The Spatula: Used for Apple Fritters. What are these? Frozen apple pancake-type things that she often used as a side dish. Family memory: My uncle saying, "Please pass the Apple Critters."

The 2 Prong Fork: Never used. Why? Because  instead of using this, she used an electric knife to carve the turkey. Family memory: When this turned on no doubt my Dad would shout out, "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre!!"

The Potato Masher: Once the potatoes were done cooking, she always called my brother Bob out to the kitchen to mash them. Family memory: No lumps in the potatoes, but there sure were a few times when we found a bit of metal from the pot in them. He didn't know his own strength!

The Ladle: I can't recall this being used for holidays, but it helped scoop out endless bowls of her famous chicken stew. I make this now for my family. Family memory: "It always tastes better the next day."

Now we continue these holidays without her. She lives on in all of us though and the one thing we can bring to the table is the gift of her love.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Ps. Anyone up for a game of Trivial Pursuit?


  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Kathleen! I wish the drawers in my kitchen were as neat as yours! Great post on family :)

  2. that made me all teary, I loved your mom!
    What a wonderful woman, so kind and gentle in her spirit! I can still remember talking with her in your living room when we were kids. She always made me feel welcomeand always seemed to really care what I had to say !
    I know how happy she would be that you are such a wonderful wife and mother. This may be one of my favorite ones you have written.
    I'm sorry you are without her, but , she made the world a better place while she was here, that's for sure !

  3. Sorry I never got the opportunity to meet her. I am sure I would have loved her! I didn't know chicken stew was her "thing!" Next time...I want chicken stew! I was trying to make it easy on you...I didn't know I was missing a family treat!!