Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Gesture

"We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do."
                                                             ~ Blessed Mother Teresa

The other morning I was in a drive thru line buying a dozen doughnuts (no, they weren't all for me).  The man who took my order was quite friendly as I listened to him through the speaker.  When I got to the window, he handed me the box and with a smile said, "Thank you young lady, here are your 11 and 3/4 doughnuts. (Get it? He was insinuating he took a bite of one).  I cannot tell you how much this made my day.  Of course the comment about my youth may have helped, but regardless his comment put a smile on my face every time I thought of him and his simple joke.  Hopefully I was able to pass that joy on to someone else.  Who knows, maybe he unknowingly created a ripple effect of smiles this week.  Blessed Mother Teresa would be pleased, and my guess is that she cetainly knows now all the good a simple smile can do.


  1. Bravo. I have always believed that a generous smile is one of God's most important gifts. Kim

  2. Smiles...they cost nothing and do some much!

  3. I agree, Kathleen! And smiling is so easy to do!