Monday, November 28, 2011

A Week In Pictures

Last Wednesday night the seven of us worked on our First Annual Thanksgiving Tree. It was a great way to start off the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

The finished product. I think we need  a bigger poster board for all of our blessings!
Thursday morning was the first of many lazy mornings.... can you tell we weren't hosting?

We traveled to my brother's house later in the day. My sister in law has been hosting Thanksgiving for my side of the family for 17 years straight!! Incredible. It's always a great time.

Kathy, the chef

Moira, my niece, home from college!

My Dad and brother Bob

Friday was such a beautiful day we took a drive to the Delaware Water Gap and did some "hiking." We're not sure what the difference is between a hike and a walk. Bill said if you wore a backpack it was a hike.

Bill did carry a backpack of snacks. After 3 minutes of walking the kids wanted to stop and eat. So typical! They're still trying to figure out if Dad's watch really does have a "Bear-meter" on it to let him know bears are close.

Saturday we went to a memorial mass for Bill's side of the family. It's done every year the Saturday after Thanksgiving and it's purpose is to remember the members of the family who have died. Such a wonderful event to gather and remember with the extended family. Bill's uncle is an Augustinian and he celebrated the mass in the parish in which he is now the pastor. Private family masses are so special.

Later that day, we visited my Dad and then my sister invited us to gather at her house to see my niece who was home from college. She  probably just caught her breath from hosting Thankgiving and had to entertain us! But it sure was fun!Always a ton of laughs with my family. So much so that I forgot to get out my camera! The best part was reliving some memories of Hillside and seeing my nieces get a kick out of the craziness. They must think we're nuts!

Next we headed to Bill's parent's house. They had just returned from Maryland for the weekend and brought with them a load of crabs to eat. The kids had a ball banging away at these critters with their Gran and Gramps, Aunts and Uncles, and cousins.

Ann's not so sure this is fun.

Talk about lasting memories all weekend long. I think I've mentioned this before, but I have the best family EVER! And I am very thankful for each and every member!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. Love the new header photo. Who is this person that didn't know much about a computer and blogging and now has uploaded a video??? Love the fall design too!

  2. Love the new pic and the Christmas/ Winter background !!

    Great to hear you had such a nice Thanksgiving weekend!! Everything , especially the hike sounded really fun!! Loved all the pics ( except maybe the crab ones, you know this vegetarian can't take those !! )
    So happy to hear everyone is doing well and you all had safe and fun travels too!!

  3. oh and one more thing.. I cannot believe how grown up Moira is!! She's so pretty!!! and I was thinking of MG, wondering how she was with her daughter coming home from college. I know she must have hated having her go back!!!
    And, you know, I haven't seen your sister in law Kathy in a while, but she looks fantastic, like she hasn't aged a bit!!!

    Talk to you soon !!

  4. Yes, you do have a wonderful family! How blessed you are! Praise the Lord! God is so good!

    Just a lot of fun looking at all these photos of your activities. I loved that little video. Such happy times.

    :) Hope